Tide Coldwater

Tide Coldwater

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Tide always smells wonderful and it works great, even being cold water!

Does a great job of cleaning AND great for the environment! I wash almost all of my clothes in cold water now.

this product smells amazing

This is our go to laundry detergent.

Tide cold water is my all time favority. I love the fresh smell on the clothes. I loved how clean my 3 girls clothes got. Using cold is energy smart. Love tide.

Tide has always gotten everything out of my clothes as a child and i still rely on it for everything!

Just ok to me I couldn't really tell much of a difference between it and reg tide

I love the scent of Tide , it really makes my laundry smell fresh and clean.

P&G has the best cleaning products! TIDE speaks for itself !

when i need to save energy this is great

I use to use any product for washing my cloths until I discovered Tide Coldwater. Now when the store has a special I stock up with Tide so I never run out. I love how it makes my cloths smell so fresh and also how well it works in cold water.

Works great and smells great. Love it.

Tide is the best it clean so well.

I always have Tide products in my house. They clean all my laundry and leaves it smelling fresh for days.

Good but not great, I liked this overall it seems to clean real well, but I can't tell a huge difference between this tide and regular tide not for cold water.