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  • kristennh By  kristennh    

    love this polish. my favorite. goes on so easily and always have such adorable colors

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  • sweetsmiles14 By  sweetsmiles14    

    This is a good product. It last a long time and does not cheap very easily.

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  • joannerivera By  joannerivera    

    After many years going to the salon and getting pedi's and mani's, I decided to purchase my own kits and doing them myself. OPI nail polishes is my go to polish for my nails. I think I have every color.

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  • MBartel By  MBartel    

    OPI has such a fantastic variety of hues. It doesn't matter the season or occasion, they have the perfect shade! What I love most is how long the polish lasts without chipping. Whenever I have to select a polish at any nail salon I choose OPI. It's the ferrari of all nail polish brands!

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  • TessGdr By  TessGdr    

    Just love OPI. It lasts better than any other nail polish I have tried. A bit expensive but definitely worth the money.

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  • pallisade06 By  pallisade06    

    I love this product. The colors are amazing an this helps with the shine!

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  • kitakat08 By  kitakat08    

    I only use OPI. It lasts forever and I love the cute color names. One of my favorite colors is "Wooden shoe like to know" and their new euro color collection "Hands off my kielbasa".

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  • chewri By  chewri    

    Opi has wonderful colors available and it lasts a long time. You pay a little more for it but it lasts longer and is worth the price.

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  • supralm By  supralm    

    Best nail polish i've tried & i've tried A LOT!! Even better than 'Butter' polish which is twice the money! Love that you can find these on clearance too! My polish typically lasts 7-10 days.

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  • Jenicsf By  Jenicsf    

    Quality product. Favorites are opi red and Lincoln park after dark. The polish goes on really easy, it does clump a little over time and its a tad expensive.

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  • kimboslice By  kimboslice    

    to me OPI is the most used and best nail polish brand in the entire world my mother and sister are both stylist and do nails as well and it is the only product the use

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  • lvetude By  lvetude    

    Love this nail polish! Not only is it completely genius to have 'collections' and 'special edition' colors...it's just awesome seeing so many collaborations. I'm deeply in love with the Muppets Line and the Nicki Minaj collection not to mention the brand new Skyfall collections...my fave now is my very first fratwurst :)

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  • sugarmitten By  sugarmitten    

    My favorite thing about OPI is the names. They have the most clever names. About the actual polish: the formula is generally always great - almost always opaque in 2 coats, almost always buttery smooth application, wide color selection in the permanent collection and each new collection is right on trend with the colors. They have lead the way with interesting textures and special effects (The Mariah Carey Collection featuring 4 shades of "liquid sand" polish releases January 2013). I prefer the ProWide brush of OPI over other brands. This means the brush is wide and flat so it covers more of the nail with each swipe of the brush. Overall wonderful brand.

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  • noellenyny8403 By  noellenyny8403    

    I love this polish! I bought the baby pink most recently and it looks so nice. With 3 coats the polish lasts about a week which is better than a couple other brands I have tried. The only downside is they don't carry as many colors as others make.

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  • cutetigerlover By  cutetigerlover    

    Expinsive. But do have good color choice but you get cheaper ones that work just as well.

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