Nestle Pure Life Purified Water

Nestle Pure Life Purified Water

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I like this water. And the price for it is really good!

This water is my favorite. So tastey and great for the kids plus they give out coupons.

Taste like dish soap. Not a fan.


While I love the price of Nestle Pure Life, I am not a fan of the way it tastes. For years I condemned Evian for being an overpriced water that tastes as though it came from the rain run off out of my gutters, now I will do the same for this product. Only with Nestle, I will give them a kudos for making it cheap "gutter water".

I can't imagine paying for bottled tap water. The oil and resources that go into making the plastic bottles and manufacturing plain old tap water is incredibly high. For the cost of 2 cases of this, you can get a water filter and make sure own bottled water. Glass bottles or BPA-free reusable bottles are so much better for our health and the planet. Sorry to be on a soapbox...

I agree with "jygriebel" on the certain flavor Pure Life seems to have now. This is the only water we have bought in a long time and now it tastes really odd. My daughter will not even drink it now. Very disappointing.

The only water my college student son will drink! I buy it for him in bulk to haul back. I don't know how to explain it but it has a "flavor" that other bottled waters don't have!

I really love this water, Great Price!!!

This is the best bottled water out there. Most bottled water taste just like the tap water in my sink, but Nestle Pure Life doesn't. I think it is the minerals that are added to it. I don't drink anything else when it comes to bottled water.

I know its just filtered municipal water, but not having Pure Flo delivery where I live this is the one brand my family agrees on.

Excellent tast & Excellent Price!

Best water and very cheap!!!!

Very smooth and not too expensive. I find it on sale a lot

I have to agree, good price