Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

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These are a MAJOR no go for my baby she instantly started to scream in pain she got chemically burned ( not so natural) I won't use them on her ever again..

I love these wipes, use them all the time. Right amount of moisture and very thick material

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the huggies wipes. They are a great buy, they don't break apart and they smell great too

Get the job done! Perfect thickness and unscented

I love there baby wipes, I think they work more bette on my son then the other brands we had try on him.

I used them on my baby and I think they work great my baby has never had a rash . They are very delicate on baby skin. They are perfect !

good to my kids skin

These wipes are so very good. Just enough moist and one wipe is all you need to done that job right. Very gentle on soft sensitive baby skin yet thick enough to handle various jobs. Definitely recommend Huggies Nature care wipes.

they get the job done

i love using these wipes for my daughter, they dont dry out and they dont have a funky smell to them. they have worked perfectly for my daughter its not too wet and they dont break so easy for thos tougher and messy jobs.

These are our favorite wipes -they are unscented (key for me -I hate the baby-powder smell so many others have), thick, and just the right amount of moisture.

I DID not like this wipes because they get dry very easy and you can't clean your baby well. Tough wipes for me and I do not recommend it and very expensive. I like huggies diapers not wipes.

I absolutely love Huggies Natural Care wipes I use them on my son and myself (great make up removal). We both have very sensitive skin and they don't irritate either of us. I like the durability of the wipes, they aren't too moist or not moist enough, and are so soft! I will use these for my second child and would recommend to any mother!

I love these wipes! I used them on my daughter because I liked the texture and thickness. Other wipes I tried felt slimy. I felt like the others did not clean as well as Huggies does.

These are fantastic! It doesn't seem that you have to use that many to clean up a mess.