Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Antiperspirant and Deodorant

Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Antiperspirant and Deodorant

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82% Recommended
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Love this! Smells so good and keeps me dry.

I Love this product and it is also great for my daughter who has special needs. We started her on the unscented but now has may favorites. The scent is not overwhelming and works great

Made me feel fresh all day long.

Easy to use, works well!

you really smell good and it last along time

My favorite deodorant, well it's the only one I can use, before dove, other deodorant would make me itch under my arm pits. It was so embarrassing , people would ask all the time what is wrong with your arms that you keep scratching. I would tell them my deodorant is making me itch, they would tell try this one and that one. One day I received a sample from my college a long time ago and wow, best sample veer in the world. I had the powder scent, didn't really care for that scent to much but I went to the store to see what dove had to offer and I went with the original scent.... My favorite fell in love with the scent and the deodorant. I was cured!

Staple product!

Love Dove products! These deodorants smell amazing and keep me feeling fresh all day long!

LOVVVVEEEE IT..... Soft Goes On Smooth...doesnt clump or flake... doesnt dry up and break into pieces when you apply it.... Great for sensistive skin

Smells great , long lasting protection and no residue on my clothes

This is a really good deodorant. It is one of my favorites. It smells great, works great & leaves no white marks on my clothes. In conclusion, it is the best product out there!

I love dove products! and would love to try this one!

This is the brand i do trust and stuck to! i have a very sensitive skin and i used to get an allergic rash under my arm with any other brand! thanks god i got the chance to try dove and eventually found what is really suitable for me! i am a big fan of the cucumber & green Tea one just perfect! great smell last long non sticky non irritating

I tend to sweat a lot. This deodorant gives me odor protection all day long! Other deodorants I have tried, within a few hours I start to smell a body odor. I am so thankful for this deodorant.

The smell is fantastic but goes on white and doesn't last long.