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  • NaturalMama By  NaturalMama    

    The only tampons I will ever use. Others are to big and hurt these work fine.

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  • flautenmusik By  flautenmusik    

    These were the first tampons I tried as a teenager, and now as an adult, they are the brand that I prefer. Not only do they offer superior protection, but they are also more comfortable then the other brands. They also don't irritate me like some others do. Sure, I've tried many brands in the past to save a few bucks, but in the end, only Playtex Gentle Glide are worth the money. I'm a customer for life...or menopause!

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  • Bethyann By  Bethyann    

    I love these. I never feel like I have to worry about leaking.

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  • meepitssandy By  meepitssandy    

    The applicator for these are amazing, definitely the best in the market. I trust Playtex when it comes to theirs tampons and rely on these.

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  • BabblingBeauty1 By  BabblingBeauty1    

    This is definitely one of my favorite tampons! I've tried many other brands but I somehow always come back to this one. I'm a swimmer so using tampons are essential for me. I've never had this tampon brand leak and I'd recommend this brand to anyone!

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  • babydot By  babydot    

    This is the brand I always go back to. I've tried another brands and always found something wrong with it I didn't like so I always go back to these. Very comfortable and absorbent. Love it.

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  • iGotAMANduhh By  iGotAMANduhh    

    They're okay, I mean I didn't feel it during the day. But when I went to go put a pad on for the night, I seen drops of blood on my panty.. The box says, it won't leak, well it did. They need to fix that. and yes, i did put it far up, so I don't think I did anything wrong.

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  • April22Red By  April22Red    

    Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons First Tampon product I ever used. Easy to use. A product you can find in any most any store that sells female products.

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  • angel75601 By  angel75601    

    The BEST out there. I've tried store brands as well as other name brands and I will never use any other tampon!

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  • shortj1016 By  shortj1016    

    I love the Playtex brand! They feel comfortable and dont' hurt going in! Easy to put in and I always get Playtex! I wouldn't consider anything else! I love the fact that they have a variety of boxes to buy (all Super, Super & Regular together, Regular & light)! I do wish that they would sell just an all light box! I can never find one so I buy a couple of the Regular & Light combo and end up having tons of Regular tampons that I don't use because I need more light tampons!

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  • victoria8310 By  victoria8310    

    Great product. I felt protected and had no worries.

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  • babyblueeyes95 By  babyblueeyes95    

    just as good absorbant wise as platex sport but the grip can be slippery if in a hurry and if you have to change in public the loud rapper doesnt offer disgretion but i dont care about that

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  • babygirl8082k By  babygirl8082k    

    This is another great from playtex, they are slim and discreet.

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  • rubyjune By  rubyjune    

    Love it

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  • kthrngoodman32 By  kthrngoodman32    

    What an awesome brand. I am constantly getting free samples and coupons from then either on Facebook or the newspaper or their website! They recently had a buy one get one free coupon and they are currently offering a free makeup bag with the purchase of two products. Use the coupon and you get a free box of tampons and a free makeup bag and only have to buy one box of tampons! Rite aid, CVS, and Wal-Greens sometimes have deals on Playtex as well.

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