CBS Big Bang Theory

CBS Big Bang Theory

              Rated #4 in Television Shows
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94% Recommended
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wow who thinks of this stuff so spot on

If you're looking for a laugh this show is perfect! Sheldon has my favorite type of awkward yet love able nerd persona that I thoroughly enjoy allowing into my home every day! Definitely recommend!

Funny & smart comedy.

There is just something funny about this show. The characters are adorable and lovable. A series full of memorable and funny quotes!! Fun, fun, fun!!

This is my favorite show and watch it in sydication and first-run. Favorite character is by far Raj....

Love BBT! It has a great cast, funny dialogue with witty reparte! I love the geeky nerd aspect of the show as well.

Are favorite show. We own every season.

One of my favorite shows. I set my DVR so I NEVER miss it. I have enjoyed many of these actors on other shows too! Soft kitty...warm kitty. Need I say more? Bazinga

I started watching this show from it's beginning and will continue to watch. It is the best comedy show from the time it started!!! I can watch over and over again and amused each time...Genius!

Very funny!

This is such a hilarious show that will keep you entertained. All of the characters are so unique and funny that this show is hard not to get addicted too.

Very funny and great to watch with the father!! love this show.

I love the big bang theory! Thumbs up this post if Sheldon is your favorite:)

This is a very funny tv show.

Absolutely love this show! It's the comedy that prime time television needed!