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  • angelmk By  angelmk    

    This is not good for pet hair,it clogs very fast and doesn't work well after that. Its good for small areas or the kitchen floor to touch it up.

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  • okiegirl03 By  okiegirl03    

    I use this Swiffer Sweeper Vac at least once a day. I have kids and they are always making a mess on the floor somewhere. Also dust is a issue at my home. It seems to work pretty well.

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  • rogomom5 By  rogomom5    

    I absolutely LOVE my Swiffer Sweeper Vac! I am a neat freak, and I have had many sweepers for my floor, but the Swiffer Sweeper Vac is the best that I've ever used. It picks up dust, dirt, pet hair and also larger debris like a vacuum would. All for $25.00!

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  • Teresab By  Teresab    

    This works great in my kitchen!!!

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  • chaniab By  chaniab    

    I used this daily to clean my hardwoods until I purchased a Roomba. I still use it for quick clean ups when I don't feel like chasing the roomba around. Use microfiber cloths instead of the ones you have to buy so save some $$. They work so much better than the required pads.

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  • hkysns1 By  hkysns1    

    I really loved this when I first purchased the product. Worked great, it appears it has lost a lot of suction over the past year that I have had it.

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  • JElgin By  JElgin    

    I have had my swiffer sweeper vac for 2 years. I absolutely love it. However, the battery does not charge as well as it used to so it won't stay charged for longer than the do half of my kitchen floor. The cloths work well on their own though, and you can use the mop cloths on the same head as well.

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  • simbalala By  simbalala    

    I like this swiffer sweepervac. the negative is the battery does not last long. other than that it does a good job of cleaning.

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  • jennifervang80 By  jennifervang80    

    I've never tried this,but would love too. I am sure that it's good, being that all Swiffer products,in my opinion, are all great!

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  • tristin93 By  tristin93    

    Not for me. I'd rather spend a little more and get more suction and longer charge.

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  • carlsbadmom By  carlsbadmom    

    This was just ok. What I really don't like about it is that it doesn't hold a charge. I'd rather get on my hands and knees and get the job done.

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  • Jensappy76 By  Jensappy76    

    I love my Swiffer Sweeper Vac. I have owned mine for about 6 years now and still works great. Would absolutely buy another in a heartbeat.

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  • cardreader By  cardreader    

    It worked the first few times. Then the charge would not last more than a few minutes. After a month it died. This is useless. I bought a dirtdevil stick broom on black friday for $2. and it picks up cat fire, cat food, and just about anything.

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  • hopeEternal62 By  hopeEternal62    

    I loved the concept of this product and it did a good job in what it promotes, however it the battery dies so quickly it took me forever to finish the cleaning job

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  • maryc11290 By  maryc11290    

    I really liked it--I went over my laminate wood flooring with it once with a dry Swiffer attached and then a second time with a wet Swiffer. The only bad thing is the battery died early and the filter tended to get dirty pretty quickly.

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