Huggies Diapers

Huggies Diapers

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Huggies are one of my favorite diapers. My only issue it the price. The "compared to" brands work just as well and they are much cheaper.

I would use store brands instead of huggies. They work fine but are not worth the price.

Huggies is our go-to brand. We stock up at Costco when they are on sale.

I love huggies they are the only diapers that I buy for my kids.

Leak, fit is not good, and my child get too many rashes from them. Nothing compares to Pampers!

Haven't had problems with leaks and can usually find them cheaper then other name brands. Target and Wal-Mart usually have pretty good sales for them too.

We love huggies again! My children have been very specific - the first and last are hard core Huggy babies - everything else breaks them out. Super thankful they always have great coupons/sales...

We are a fan of Huggies, but unfortunately we are not able to use them because my daughter breaks out to them. We liked them because they fit around her hips and her chunky thighs. We haven't found another diaper that fully covers her bottom to where there are barely any leaks.

The tabs didnt stick nearly as well as pampers. They weren't very soft either. I wouldn't recommend them.

Huggies is a great brand of diapers. No leaks and no mess. I can rest peacefully knowing that my baby will sleep well without leaking while wearing Huggies. Great product!!

Do not leak and hold a lot. They are the perfect diapers for even the worst messes.

I will never buy these diapers again they don't absorb anything I had leaks every time I put them on my son even though they are the most expensive.

As a first time mom the strip on the bottom was great. It saved us from having to guess every five minutes whether our daughter had wet her diaper or not (sometimes it not as easy to tell as people think when you are new at it). We did have a few blow outs, but quickly learned that usually meant she was ready to be moved up to the next size. Once we switched sizes, no more blow outs! These diapers are expensive, but again as a new parent when you find a product that works well you tend to stick with it. We have tried a couple of other brands that we received as gifts and Huggies by far seemed to be the best quality and fit.

my all time favorite diaper brand. fitting is good, doesn't leak through, and they seem comfortable in it.

granted these diapers FIT well, i DO NOT appreciate the hefty price tag that goes with it! seriously? 25.00 or more for a SMALL BOX of diapers?? i can get store brand or LUVS for LESS and have MORE diapers!!