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Huggies Diapers

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Huggins are amazing! I was given a few packs at my shower and loved them on my newborn we will need to buy size 1 or 2 soon and I'm excited to see if they work as well as the newborn size did for us.

I feel like Huggies is really the most high quality brand of diapers out there. Of course they are more expensive also but I rarely have any leaks or spills with Huggies.

Huggies are my favorite diapers I'm a busy mother of four not having the time to keep changing leaking diapers. with huggies there never leaked even through the night! i tried other cheaper brands and i had to get up in the night 3 to 4 times just to change there diaper just so they wouldn't have a wet bed and soaked clothes in the morning! thank you huggies of a full night sleep god knows mothers need it!

We recently switched to Huggies from Luvs. My two year old would constantly complain about the diapers, that were Luvs brand, hurting the area on his little hips. Huggies is so much more compatible with his body and they offer coupons!!! He loves the prints, no more hip boo boos and this momma loves Huggies!!

After 6 children and now 3 grandchildren this product has never disappointed me. I never have to worry about leakage and it does not cause rashes. You can usually always find some type of coupon for Huggies diapers which provides great discounts. Great buy

I only use huggies diapers on my daughter. I tried pampers and luvs and the quality of the huggies diaper was always superior to these brands. My biggest complaint with pampers diapers were the Velcro strip that connects the diaper would cut her thigh. With the huggies diapers they do not cut my daughter's thighs and (in my opinion) fit much better than the other brands out there. I also like their rewards program and their coupons are always better too!

I absolutely love huggies long lasting diapers for sure

The only diaper I buy for my daughter. Started with pampers and after one to many blow outs we decided to switch brands and oh how glad I am we did! No leaks no blowouts no problems at all! Not to mention the reward points you get back! Love this company and will use them if I have any more kids in the future.

Huggies is the only brand I use on my daughter. The quality & material of the diapers are great. I've never had any issues with leaks or rashes. Plus you get points that you can use at which makes me feel like an appreciated customer.

I love Huggies. My oldest daughter was allergic to cheaper brands and Huggies was all I use for her. When I feel the diaper, instead of some cheap stuff- it feels like actual cotton. It's snug and fit. It doesn't have the plastic ball-like things when drenched.

I complitely love this pamper. They are just the best in the market.

I love Huggies! I use Huggies snug and dry for my daughter and won't use any other kind. They are the best value for the price.

Huggies are my go to brand for diapers. The fit is perfect for my baby. And the softness of these diapers makes me feel good about her wearing them. I've tried several different brands and these are the best by far. Ive yet to have a diaper leak yet!

These are great diapers. As advertised, they can hold up for 12 hours. They are awesome especially for long distance trips. I tried multiple brands but these are the best ones.

These are the best! As a mom of 2 girls, I have tried all kinds of diapers. Huggies are hands down the best. They have the best fasciners, the best coverage, the best absorbancy, and the best fit. I highly recommend them!