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  • SuperMom21 By  SuperMom21    

    Love these bottles. My daughter always had gas on her stomach changed her bottle to these and she hasn't had gas on her stomach since.

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  • guerita By  guerita    

    I used these bottles with my 3 kids my daughter was very picky on the nipples and these bottles waa just right so i really like these bottles

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  • khays2616 By  khays2616    

    I love these bottles! They're the only ones my babies will use! I'm pregnant with my 3rd child & plan on using them again!

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  • TiffanyNA07 By  TiffanyNA07    

    I was gifted these and was really excited to use them, with Playtex being such a reputable brand for bottles. Unfortunately, I wasn't a fan, mainly because the nipple that comes with them hole was too big and milk would constantly spill out my sons mouth because the flow was too much. Also, it has a lot of parts making cleaning a bit of a pain. I do like the shape and design of the bottle though.

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  • rookiemom By  rookiemom    

    I loved them , great product quality and the price wasnt to bad either.

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  • mschattykathy By  mschattykathy    

    I really loved these bottles. I always hand washed them and never had a problem with them leaking. They really seemed to help cut down on the air my son got out of his bottle.

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  • urmyshado By  urmyshado    

    This by far has been the best bottle I have ever used. I have always love Playtex bottles. My grandson has a problem with getting to much air when he drinks his bottles, Throwing up, lots of gas. , With the Vent-Aire he has less gas, no throwing up. He feels better and he's happier. I think this is the bottle they should give out in hospitals

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  • sdcrisco By  sdcrisco    

    These were amazing to start out with. After about 10 washes, they leaked out all over the place. I had to take it apart and re-adjust the lid every time. It was extremely aggravating, especially when you have a hungry infant screaming at you!

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  • sassygirl13 By  sassygirl13    

    kinda complicated because of the pieces. its not the conventional bottle so most people would need to adjust when using this for their little one

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  • TtBean By  TtBean    

    I used these with my son and never had a problem. My friends opted for more expensive Dr. Brown's and such- but these suited me just fine.

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  • autumnmarie By  autumnmarie    

    Love these bottles, baby boy never got colic, thank god.

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  • MegBrek By  MegBrek    

    I got these for my son, they are decently priced, easy to use, only down fall is there are five pieces which can be a bit of a pain

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  • Leahwick By  Leahwick    

    We bought a set of these for our son when he was born and used them up until he was 18 months. We had a lot of success. My son hardly ever spit up nor did he swallow much air. I do not know if I was just lucky with a baby who did not spit up much but I do think these bottles had something to do with it!

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  • cassandra575 By  cassandra575    

    I didn't really like these much. They didn't seem to keep my daughter from swallowing too much air.

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  • Chrissi2006 By  Chrissi2006    

    I didn't really care for these. My daughter was getting too much air and spitting up alot

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