Velveeta Shells and Cheese Cup

Velveeta Shells and Cheese Cup

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I have 4 children and they all love the Velvetta shells & cheese, the one with broccoli is also a hit. It is very easy to prepare and perfect when your in a hurry.

Its easy to make but does not taste good at all. My 15 yr old daughter loves the Easy Mac cups so I thought she would like this. I was wrong, it has a odd taste to it and its really slimey. It taste nothing like the full size box of Velvetta shells & cheese.

I made 2 of these for my 5-year-old daughter. The first time it came out fine and she ate it all (quite a feat for her). The second time I made it I noticed there wasn't any of that "white powder" in it, but I thought it was ok, by the time it came out of the microwave it was a stuck together mess that my kids were grossed out by. Not sure I want to pay over $2 a cup for this. I had a coupon and it was on sale last time, but that's a bit steep.

A lot better than the Kraft Mac n Cheese in a cup, but this was still a bit runny and less flavorful than I hoped.

It was a good size portion for my family... very easy to make and we love the flavor!

I love this stuff. I eat it almost everyday for lunch because its quick and easy. It's ture that there is not much in the cup, but it actually fulfills my hunger. I'm the only person in my household who likes macaroni, so cooking an entire box was very wasteful because i'd have soo much leftover. These taste just the same as the regular velveeta macaroni. Just be sure you do not add too much water. If you add too much, you will get less taste and it will be runny. For those of you that said this happened, just add less water, and I think you will find it is great. Another plus is, this actually has more cheese than the bigger boxes.

I really enjoy these mini-cups, it inspires better self-control than big boxes of a product!

I have bought these multiple times and will continue to buy them. This product is easy to prepare, cheesy and just the right amount. They are also very inexpensive. I would recommend to anyone that likes mac-n-cheese.

Its quick, easy, when your in a hurry, great for children or lunches

Very easy to make and fast.

My son is in scouts and camps pretty frequently. He is required to bring his own food that can be cooked on a small portable stove. Each time we shop for his trips, he HAS to get this stuff. He says they are light and very good. He also says that he can add his veggies in and not taste them (lol).

I don't know what I did wrong but I found this item uneatable. There was a slime on the noodles after getting it out of the microwave (i filled with water to the water line). The cheese sauce only made the the product worse and with one small fork full, down in the trash it went. I love the box version of this mac n cheese. I looked over the instructions earnestly to see what I did wrong and I followed the directions carefully. This product could not have been worse for me.

Love the Velveeta Shells and Cheese! Simple to make and just enough for 2 people (2 pkgs)-no left overs. Great taste and economical.

These are quick and fast for those rushed days. My son loves mac and cheese, this was an easy switch for him. He enjoyed it just as much, if not more. He liked the extra creamy cheese found in these cups.

These cups are great for my kids. They don't require dirtying up any dishes besides the fork, are quick and easy and you can take them on the go. You can make them anywhere there is a microwave and my kids love the creamy cheesy taste.