HBO True Blood

HBO True Blood

              Rated #11 in Television Shows
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94% Recommended
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Highly entertaining! I don't care how ridiculous this show can be, I tune in every season.

This is one of my favorite vampire shows. I love all the different supernaturals that are in the show. I can't wait for the new season

I love True Blood because it has the best of both worlds romance and vampires. I can not wait for the new season.

True Blood is seriously one of my favorite series on TV and I will be really depressed when it is gone. The characters and storyline is rich and well balanced for an adult series.

I'm in LOVE with this show! I highly recommend if you like good-looking guys and a little bit of blood! Can't wait for season 6!

show is very addictive. better than the zombie shows that are out there. can get a few laughs with sookie :)

Took awhile to get into but now i am hooked and can't get enough of it

I have a love/hate relationship with this show. Sookie annoys me, I wish it were scarier, there are many things I would change, but it's the best vampire show on right now, so I deal with the things I don't like.

love love love this show

I absolutely LOVE this show!!! Probably one of the main reasons I keep paying for Showtime. I tend to dvr it so I can replay it over and over. Highly recommend to anyone to watch this!!

I am totally addicted to this show. Seriously the only reason to have HBO!!

I didn't even want to watch this show when it came out, but my sister made me and now I am hooked! It is a very fun show, definitely not for younger viewers! I definitely recommend it!

love love love this show, it's a really grown up twilight with a twist!

true blood is twilight for adults with a shot of red bull, i have never missed an episode. i would be shocked if you didnt like it!!!

This show is additive.Be warned