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  • ZigZag450 By  ZigZag450    

    Love this product! Comfortable grip, leaves skin smooth but a little costly'! Worth the extra bucks!

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  • Hunneybee88 By  Hunneybee88    

    Several years ago, I had this razor and loved it!!!! I bought a new one last year and it is not the same. Before I effortlessly had a nice smooth shave. Not the case anymore. It's really expensive to buy replacement blades for it.

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  • smileygirl73 By  smileygirl73    

    Love this product!!! Razor glides smoothly on your legs and never have any nicks or cuts!!!

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  • Ruthie9190 By  Ruthie9190    

    I actually just shaved my legs with one of these razors last night. My legs were so smooth. Its my favorite razor. I don't like when the head is too big, i tend to cut myself a lot more. The refills can be a bit pricey but i use coupons to get them a lot cheaper

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  • nagent99 By  nagent99    

    I love these but can't afford them. In my opinion I think that they are the best razors out there. I recommend them to anyone who has the money to spend.

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  • bestlizard By  bestlizard    

    Love it but wish it was cheaper.

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  • trippingtiffies By  trippingtiffies    

    I don't buy these anymore because I couldn't use them without cutting myself every single time :(

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  • KitaJB By  KitaJB    

    Got to try these for free (thanks CVS) and all went well. I recommend.

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  • Katia824 By  Katia824    

    This is my favorite women's razor....but to be honest the mens Hydro 5 is the best shave ever!!

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  • Chicagodivaonadime By  Chicagodivaonadime    

    I did not like these razors as much as others I have tried. I cut myself a few times. I never cut myself!..I do normally prefer a razor that has the gel strip completly around the blades. That bumper is probably why I don't cut myself.

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  • TheBudgetMama By  TheBudgetMama    

    This razor unfortunately doesn't get close enough for me. Its comfortable and has great grip but the razor blades just can't get my skin as hair free as I like.

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  • kirsten816 By  kirsten816    

    I hate to give poor reviews, but the Schick Quattro just does not work well for me. I find that the shave is just not as close as it could be, and the blades do not last as long as my favorite brand. I would love to be able to use these more...but they just don't work for my skin!

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  • jgrg727 By  jgrg727    

    This razor glides smoothly. I don't have any problems with nicks or cuts. I just don't feel like I get a close enough shave.

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  • Kristinnicolejones By  Kristinnicolejones    

    Great razor glides so smooth across skin and actually gets a close shave every time!

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  • mixedbeauty94 By  mixedbeauty94    

    I feel like I never get a close enough shave with this razor

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