NETFLIX Movie Rental

NETFLIX Movie Rental

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love, love, love netflix, it is easier to search on the laptop and then save to my quay to watch on tv through the wii or rouk, or 'puter

We subscribed to Netflix twice in the past. It ended up getting too expensive for the movies that were available. We just didn't feel as if it was a great value. May try again someday if they offer a great deal.

Its ok if you want to watch shows from awhile ago Id like to see more recent ones

I love Netflix!!! I don't pay for cable cannot afford it and streaming on Netflix is highly convenient. I can watch all the shows I love in the comfort of my own home on the projector. It is like being in a movie theater.

I like the convienence of Netflix. Despite raising the prices, we still use the service. I wish releases hit a little sooner though. We subscribed to the streaming, but unfortunately didn't find the value in it due to a lot of what we watch not being available to stream. However, we love the DVD program.

Whoever has to say n e thing against netflix hasn't explored it. It has the best and now all new. Love the documentaries which aren't available any where.

I love the convenience that Netflix offers! I can watch it from any room in my house and on any of my mobile devices. My favorite part is not having to leave the house and marathons in my pajamas! I wish there were more selections or the option to pay for new releases.

I LOVE Netflix!!! You can never get bored.

Netflix is great for watch tv shows. There are just not many great movies.

We recently just subscribed to Netflix. Friends of mine were SHOCKED that I had not joined the band wagon and didn't have it yet. Well, we LOVE it. It's totally worth it and it never disappoints.

Netflix is a great place to find all different genres of videos. I find myself reminiscing about childhood and also creating new memories with people as Netflix allows me to expand my horizons. I love this system. It allows me to change what I want to watch whenever I want to.

I had netflix for a long time it was great for when I discovered a tv show that I loved and I could go binge watch all the seasons at once (Grey's Anatomy) but there weren't actually a lot of shows I wanted to do that with. I was really disappointed in the movie selection. It was very rarely updated and most movies were really old or just weird. It's only $8 a month so a very reasonable price but I ultimately decided to switch to redboxinstant because I thought I would gt more use out of it.

I love netflix! Especially binge watching series! I love that there is also a entire section dedicated to children. I chose 4 out of 5 stars because i would like if they had more content, however, they have been improving dramatically as of late.

LOVE netflix. My boyfriend and I have had this for 2 years plus now and have gotten rid of cable because its too expensive. I love not having comercials and some Netflix origional series I've enjoyed a lot. Which when they put a season on you get to watch the whole season right away, and don't have to wait.

Love that I can catch up on all my sons of anarchy before the new season starts right on my kindle!