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  • alexis_hager By  alexis_hager    

    These are wonderful for propping my baby. Not to mention all the cute prints!

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  • MegBrek By  MegBrek    

    nice to have around, I use them to make feeding times easier, tummy time, or just propping up baby so his head doesn't have to be no the hard wood floors

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  • HappyMum By  HappyMum    

    We like our Boppy pillow! It's great that it can be used in different ways for different stages. I loved using it for feeding, propping up infant to see the world as they rested on the floor and to aid in their learning of sitting. The pillow case covers are great too. Easy to get on and off to wash. Cute designs too!

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  • pixieme7 By  pixieme7    

    The boppy was a lifesaver for me. It's a second set of arms and I think it's equally handy for both feeding and for helping little ones to sit or to lift them off the floor for tummy time. For feeding, I've heard great things about the "my breast friend" pillow and would probably get that for new moms in the future. Still, the boppy has plenty of uses and would be a great addition for any new mom.

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  • DanielleEvans By  DanielleEvans    

    This pillow is a life and arm saver for breastfeeding mothers or formula feeding. it also helps with younger vistors that are wanting to help with the new baby. we actually took ours to the hospital when our daughter was born it was very helpful and i have used it every day since and shes a little over 2 months now

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  • Leahwick By  Leahwick    

    I loved my Boppy! This product was one item I bought myself in preparation for my son and I loved it from the very beginning. Great for breastfeeding, playing, and siting up.

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  • MiaGorrell By  MiaGorrell    

    This pillow is very versatile, but I didn't find it super helpful for breastfeeding. It wasn't high enough to keep the baby level with my breast, so I spent a lot of time hunched over. It turned out to be great for propping and sitting support in the later months.

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  • cmarie1114 By  cmarie1114    

    I love my Boppy! It helps so much when nursing, and now I'm using it to help with tummy time for my 3 month old. Very versatile and there are so many cute covers to go with it. Worth every penny.

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  • kmg1224 By  kmg1224    

    The Boppy has some great uses like for tummy time and for propping up baby. I do use it once in awhile but I had a hard time nursing my newborn baby with it and always had to use more pillows under the boppy to raise her up.

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  • CandRsmom By  CandRsmom    

    Great for bottle feeding or nursing!! Both my babies snuggled right into their Boppy at feeding time! I used it to help support them when they were learning to sit up. Mine are 2 and 1 now and we use one Boppy as an arm rest in the rocker and the other they love to play with. Every new mom needs a Boppy!!!

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  • Cbruce By  Cbruce    

    Boppy pillows aren't just useful for nursing moms they are also great for propping the baby on!!They are fairly inexpensive and come in use for many different reasons!!

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  • pinkyshelly By  pinkyshelly    

    pretty awesome and comfortable :)

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  • BoxerMommaz By  BoxerMommaz    

    This might be my most favorite and useful baby item. We use it for nursing and propping up. I have the heirloom tree and it's very soft with a cute modern print. Wish it wasn't quite so pricey though.

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  • queenb91 By  queenb91    

    i used this with my second child and i absolutely love it!

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  • Tawnweya By  Tawnweya    

    I didn't get to nurse much, but we used this pillow to help my son get used to sitting on his own! Love it!

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