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  • PrettyPretty By  PrettyPretty    

    A healthy guilt free beverage!!!

    Healthy, sweet, and delicious. It's a little bit pricey, but oh so worth it. There are lots of fruits in one little bottle. You can also get all fruit ones, all vegetable ones, and a mixture of all too. There are quite a few flavor varieties to choose from. Enjoy the yummy sweetness without the guilt!!!

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  • honesty94 By  honesty94    

    New Recipe?

    I used to enjoy this brand a few years back but now, theres something off/different about them and i cant put my finger on it exactly! Two thumbs down!

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  • Aricanichole By  Aricanichole    

    Great find

    My kids and i love the strawberry banana. I love how healthy and convenient it is for us. Not very often u find something that tastes amazing and is great for ya

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  • haboobafoofo By  haboobafoofo    

    So many calories!

    Love these smoothies but calories are crazy high.

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  • Cutienoodles3577 By  Cutienoodles3577    

    Goodness in a bottle

    I absolutely love these and all the flavors. Quick ,filling goodness in a bottle. It is great because everyone in my household love to drink them. I?d recommend to anyone.

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  • Cebeaty2014 By  Cebeaty2014    

    Really good. If you want something healthy that doesn?t taste like the nasty healthy drinks this is for you. My favorite is the b boost but I LOVE blueberries.

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  • cshbbygirl2 By  cshbbygirl2    

    These are something you cant pass up!

    These are seriously so delish! I have tried almost all of the flavors but the strawberry and mango are my favorites!

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  • emiikaay By  emiikaay    

    Some of these drinks do not taste like what they say they do, but those also tend to be the ones with some strange combinations. All in all, these are great drinks to have for breakfast on the go, or for kids before sports events!

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  • Yooperchick906 By  Yooperchick906    

    Naked Juice Drinks Delicious and Nutritious

    Naked Juice Drinks are one of my top choices to buy my kids when we are traveling in the car. They are nutritious and feeling. Many flavors to choose from. I know that my kids are indulging in a healthy treat when I give them these drinks.

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  • Katiebeagen By  Katiebeagen    


    I love the taste and the fruits and veggies but I wish the sugar content was not so high

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  • ACremer39 By  ACremer39    

    These drinks are really tasty but are deceptive. They actually have a lot sugar in them and are high cal. You?re not even supposed to drink the whole bottle which nobody ever follows.

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  • amcalzada By  amcalzada    

    Naked juices!

    I absolutely love the naked drinks. My favorite is the mango one. It's refreshing and makes me feel so healthy to reach for this instead of a soda!

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  • Joselyn_0513 By  Joselyn_0513    


    These drinks are so good. Very delicious and hydrating.

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  • blackbettie37 By  blackbettie37    

    Great for on the go

    Such great flavors to choose from, I usually drink one of these for breakfast when I need a little boost of energy.

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  • Weaver90 By  Weaver90    


    Delicious but the sugar constant contant is way to high for most bottle sizes!

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