Dove Daily Moisture Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner

Dove Daily Moisture Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner

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From dry straw like hair to soft moistened with this product. I have very dry hair and have used many different products and this is one that has helped my hair. I use the shampoo for awhile without the conditioner and that has helped extremely. My hair has softened up and feel soft to the touch with in the first few times I used the shampoo. Then when I started to use the conditioner it added to the softness and moistened my hair even more. Definitely use this product if you have very dry hair in the beginning. I love it and so does my daughter. I recommend this to anyone that needs to moisten their hair.

Relatively Inexpensive and Effective Moisture Very simple easy to use product that will leave your skin soft

I love this shampoo leaves my hair smelling good and so soft.

Works so good! We have extremely bad water where we live, which dries our hair out even more than it normally would. This seems to make it so much better and feels so good on your scalp!

I'm a fan of Dove, but they're getting a bit weird with their products. I stick to the bar of soap if I buy anything buy Dove. Everything else feels like it's taking off too many layers of my own skin.

Smells amazing, works great I love this shampoo and conditioner it keeps my hair nice and moisturized even on humid days. I have been using it for a while and plan to use it for a long time. The smell is also amazing and its super nice to comb through even wet after washing.

Not a bad product Loved the smell and the feel of my hair after its a grate product but I ened up going back to my old one but would definitely recommend or use again myself

After using this product my skin became much softer and I throughly enjoy the product. Smells great too!

I love the soap and love the fresh clean smell and feeling

Love it I always love dove products. The smell, and the soft skin after use. Always recommended!

Yes! I love this scent, and I actually just started getting into dove products! I love it!

This is one of the best Shampoo and Conditioner that I have used in the last 5 years. I had long hair and it made it so manageable.

Great I love using dove!!!! It is gentle on your skin and makes it feel soft

Dove has done it again! Smells so nice and feels like silk and keeps my hair healthy and soft!

Dove shampoo I did not like how this made my hair feel heavy and lifeless. Seemed like I could never rinse my hair enough.. always felt oily