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  • Hedblum4175 By  Hedblum4175    

    Love this magazine!!! It has alot of great useful tips and some great coupons. It is very reasonably priced.

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  • markiec By  markiec    

    Great magazine about real women and real lives. They have great recipes and decorating advice too.

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  • Netty2 By  Netty2    

    Love this magazine! filled with a lot of money saving ideas.

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  • Lasthourstandx By  Lasthourstandx    

    Love this magazine, I was so sick of looking through Cosmo and seeing all of these fake looking women and reading the same articles every month. This was a refreshing magazine with some amazing recipes!!

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  • jodidesk By  jodidesk    

    Great magazine. The ONLY one I subscribe to. Love the coupons and all the product information. A magazine for "real" people.

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  • 2015blessed By  2015blessed    

    This magazine is filled with wonderful information. I love it and would tell everyone to read it.

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  • vlb0920 By  vlb0920    

    One of the only magazine I will purchase. They have a lot of articles on savings. There seemed to be more coupons within when it first came out but still worth a read every month.

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  • Adair90 By  Adair90    

    I buy this magazine every month and really enjoy it and the fact that its not as expensive as some other magazines the only problem I have is it use to have a bunch of coupons in it and I have noticed that there aren't as many any more : (

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  • Kle0930 By  Kle0930    

    I have had a subscription to this magazine for years. I liked it because you used to get a lot of coupons that would make the magazine free but they have cut back on them being printed in magazine. But they offer recipes and ideas for decor/ crafts. I still look forward to it arriving in the mail.

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  • leslie82 By  leslie82    

    AllYou is one of my favorite magazines. I love that they always have coupons in each issue.

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  • jo8207 By  jo8207    

    Always favorite magazine. I love recipes and coupons that in magazine.

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  • drown22 By  drown22    

    I love this magazine and look forward to it each month. It has some money different topics each month I read this magazine from front to back.

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  • whitesoxgirl72 By  whitesoxgirl72    

    Great magazine! Love the recipes and coupons. Great ideas and ways to save money.

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  • Crazylizz By  Crazylizz    

    Good mag, like hints, feel coupons are on more gourmet stuff, not stuff I use.

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  • SheReads By  SheReads    

    I've never used any of the coupons. The content is generic and not helpful - they're stuff any frugal person or bargain hunter would know. Magazine has a conservative, boring, non-fashion-toward feel. Ok if you can get it free. I regret that I paid for a 2-year subscription.

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