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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    I am a Prime member and it is so convenient to be able to order whenever I want and get free shipping.

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  • Neeners By  Neeners    

    I shop Amazon from time to time, and I do have a Prime account. I do like that there is practically everything under the sun on Amazon, as I have searched for what I thought would be hard to find items, but they were on Amazon with decent prices. What I don't like is that it is necessary to slow your shopping roll and know who you are actually buying from and it often isn't clear where you are buying from (where an item is made), and that you may be able to return something but not always for free. I purchased shoes from a retailer. they shipped me the right box with the wrong shoes inside. Not my error. But I had to keep them or pay for return shipping. Even though I complained, I was still out $15 for the shipping and all I could do was give the retailer a bad review. Amazon should protect it's customers more.

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  • Lexilenae By  Lexilenae    

    Favorite store!

    Love shopping on amazon! Everything I need in one place! Always open.

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  • QueenBDiaries By  QueenBDiaries    

    My life comes from Amazon. I order everything I possibly can off of Amazon. There site is so simple and easy to use that I was able to show my 76 year old grandmother how to use it with ease.

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  • Jenopinion By  Jenopinion    

    Thoroughly disappointed!!

    I used to love Amazon. Unfortunately, the products have become more miss than hit lately. I have had to send back 4 ITEMS in 2 MONTHS! All sent from Amazon (not other sellers)! Did Amazon get rid of QUALITY CONTROL?!? Such a sad ending for a once high flyer....

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  • shelby_neal8792 By  shelby_neal8792    

    Highly recommend!

    Love amazon! Have never had issues with them. Always have anything I need, even the littlest things I can?t find anywhere else! They always have the lowest prices for the most part! Customer service is wonderful! Highly recommend!

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  • itsashley86 By  itsashley86    

    Amazon is truly one of the best places to shop for pretty much anything! I don?t know many people who don?t shop from Amazon!

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  • Annabel_Lee By  Annabel_Lee    

    Customer Service Needs to Improve

    I love the convenience of ordering through Amazon, everything from books to toys to clothing to food. However, their customer service needs to up their game. I recently had an issue where the outcome was decided with anyone talking to me. I appealed and, again, the decision was made without anyone reaching out to me. My Prime membership expires in January and I am undecided on whether I will renew.

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  • mdunnings By  mdunnings    

    Amazon is a one shop stopping place for everything. It is my go to place for movies, music, holiday gifts and hard to locate items. I've been a shopper of Amazon for years and trust years to come.

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  • Naffy786 By  Naffy786    

    I absolutely love this brand! You can find any item from this retailer and at very decent prices too. I have shopped from other online stores before and their shipping is way too high and even then, the product takes longer to arrive at home than with Amazon. They have a wide selection of products too. I like that their reviews and TOS are real and not bought.

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  • wlane818 By  wlane818    

    I like shopping on Amazon, it's very convenient and love reading the reviews from other consumers. I tried the 30 day free trial for the Prime membership where you can get free shipping, however, I had to cancel after the trial because I can't really afford the yearly membership but it's a good place to shop for just about anything you might need.

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  • july12ms By  july12ms    


    I love this site! I can find everything here, plus free shipping, plus subscription service which saves me money, plus free videos to watch, plus affordable prices and almost like new items to save me even more money!

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  • Kaylah-lah By  Kaylah-lah    

    Best shopping!

    I love Amazon! I do most of my shopping here and I love that I can read reviews to get the best product! I do wish they would wean out the cheap clothing from China because there is so much it's hard to search for a good reputable brand so I never get clothing on here anymore.

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  • Heathers2980 By  Heathers2980    


    I am an Amazon Prime member and I absolutely love Amazon. From great product selections and great prices, they are the best.

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  • littleneko By  littleneko    

    I've ordered through Amazon for at least 14 years. I've been pretty happy with my experience save a couple of delivery issues, but they've been pretty accommodating. Prime has been worth it for my household. I love the 2 day shipping and their show, movie, and music features are nice.

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