Coca-Cola Coke Zero

Coca-Cola Coke Zero

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Surprised It Tastes Good One of my son's favorite sodas is Coke Zero. Because of my son's love of Coke Zero, I bought him a 20oz , along with buying myself a 20oz Coke Classic, while at Kroger a few months ago. While driving home, I wasn't paying attention and grabbed the Coke Zero and began drinking it. Funny thing is, I really didn't notice much difference in the taste of Coke Zero versus Coke Classic. Thankfully after maybe 2 sips I noticed I had the wrong drink, so I switched drinks. I was very surprised I like the Coke Zero and that I hardly noticed a difference in the taste.

Before coke zero came out I was low on options for a soda to drink. All the other drinks have a bit to much sugar for me. I can taste the difference between Coke Zero and regular Coke but I like the taste of both so it doesn't bother me.

It's not bad, and the calorie count definitely helps it's appeal!

Taste great can't even tell its diet!

Love my Coke Zero! This is a great choice when it comes to healthy choices... Coca - Cola Zero tastes almost like regular Coca-Cola, but without the extra calories, sugars, and carbohydrates. Coca - Cola Zero is way healthier and a great substitute for the real Coca-Cola. John Stith Pemberton thank you for inventing Coca - Cola!

Coke Zero is excellent tasting. I feel like I'm drinking regular Coke but I'm getting the benefit of zero calories!

I drink Zero most of the time when I drink soda. I love the taste and the fact zero calories

I never thought that I would like a diet drink, but Coke Zero tastes wonderful! Nothing at all like sickly sweet diet drinks. It tastes like Coke, plain and simple. Delicious!

Coke Zero is the best one out there now... but Coke's C2 was the all time best!

I actually like Coke Zero! It has a really crisp and refreshing taste to it! I love the cherry one as well!

LOVE Coke Zero! Been drinking it ever since it came out. Not too sweet at ALL like some of the others!

I grew up drinking Coke and have never been able to get into the taste of Diet Coke, so this provides a great alternative. The taste is good.

This is the BEST DRINK ever!!! I drink way too much, everyday!!! Absolutely love it!!!

My diet beverage of choice. No nasty aftertaste. Good cola flavor. 2 liter bottles can be found for about $1.79, a good sale takes the cost down to about $1.00 to $1.29

It's an healthy choice to buy from if you wanted to buy soda and taste delicious.