Coca-Cola Coke Zero

Coca-Cola Coke Zero

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Way, way, WAY better than Diet Coke. In my experience, those who love Diet Coke hate Coke Zero. Fortunately, I'm not one of those people. I never could quite enjoy the taste of Diet Coke, and I'm so grateful to Coca-Cola for coming out with this great tasting, crisp, sweet, zero calorie cola! I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great new diet soda favorite!

I drink Diet Coke and realized that this tasted even better w/o the calories. YUM YUM

Love it!!! Yummy

LOVE Coke Zero! Been drinking it ever since it came out. Not too sweet at ALL like some of the others!

I recommend this because it is a great product.

Refreshing zero calorie drink.

ok taste. I like it better than Diet Coke

A good drink for those who want to be healthier but still want to drink soda

I like this version of coke but it tastes a bit flatter than diet coke to me.

I give it a four for a diet drink, a three for all drinks. I like cherry coke zero the best. Doesn't taste diet to me.

Surprised It Tastes Good One of my son's favorite sodas is Coke Zero. Because of my son's love of Coke Zero, I bought him a 20oz , along with buying myself a 20oz Coke Classic, while at Kroger a few months ago. While driving home, I wasn't paying attention and grabbed the Coke Zero and began drinking it. Funny thing is, I really didn't notice much difference in the taste of Coke Zero versus Coke Classic. Thankfully after maybe 2 sips I noticed I had the wrong drink, so I switched drinks. I was very surprised I like the Coke Zero and that I hardly noticed a difference in the taste.

Much better than I thought it would be. I'm a huge Diet Coke fan. I never thought that I'd like something else. Its good!

This is my new drink!

Better than diet coke for sure.

I just switched to Coke Zero from Diet Coke--so far I like it better