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  • marip1 By  marip1    

    This is great for stainless steel sinks and cleaning soap scum off the bath tub.

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  • cgrahamcouch By  cgrahamcouch    

    I would be lost without this product. I clean almost everything with it. Patio furniture, silver, my pots and even the bathroom. Nothing cleans like this. Nothing.

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  • diane529 By  diane529    

    Barkeeper's Friend works when other cleaners won't. I had rust stains in my (white enamel) kitchen sink. I'd tried a variety of cleansers/cleaners/powders/bleaches to no avail. This product got the rust stains out with very little scrubbing. I use it to clean hard water stains in the toilets, to remove stains from the countertops, and to deep-clean the tub. Works every time with very little effort!

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  • Amyjo81 By  Amyjo81    

    This stuff is great when you accidentally burn something in a pot or pan. I'm a super klutz in the kitchen and have had my fair share of mishaps. If it wasn't for Barkeeper I would have spent fortune having to buy new pans.

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  • momof2boys1 By  momof2boys1    

    I had read previous reviews about Bar Keepers, so I decided to try it for myself to see what all the hype was about. I really love this product. It cleans everything from my kitchen sink to even my pots and pans. Great product, just give it a try.

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  • chrissy2lily By  chrissy2lily    

    i really loved this product . Although it is along the same lines as Comet , no bleach smell was evident . it cleaned in my opinion a little better than most powdered cleaners and made them shine just a tad more .

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  • donnamcqd By  donnamcqd    

    I was having trouble getting my stainless steel sink clean enough, a friend recommended bar keepers friend so I bought it. This stuff is AMAZING!

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  • RD_Sharingdelights By  RD_Sharingdelights    

    This product does justice for all my stainless steels appliances and easy to use. What I like its that it doesn't leave any scratches nor residue. It really cleans and shines all stainless steel.

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  • sandysandmeyer By  sandysandmeyer    

    Great to clean your aluminum pots and sinks. It makes them shine. I keep it in my cabinet all of the time.

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  • iris3039 By  iris3039    

    This works graet on all surfaces!! A wonder for my sink and counters

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  • maclan By  maclan    

    I keep several tubes of this in my house because it is great at getting almost any thing clean. A must have!

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  • WeiserAcademy By  WeiserAcademy    

    This is a great product to have on hand. Usefull for so many chores. I love it. It gets the kitchen and the bathroom clean.

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  • LianeSNJ By  LianeSNJ    

    Our Realtor told me about this product. I had previously never heard of it, but i found it easily on the shelf in my local supermarket. WOW, what doesn't this stuff get clean and sparkling. I use it on anything and everything, it works miracles in both the bathroom and kitchen, combined with a Magic Eraser this stuff will get you the result you are looking for every single time. LOVE it!

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  • TheHarriedMom By  TheHarriedMom    

    Kinda funny that I actually learned about this from a bartender....but I use it for all my kitchen and even bathroom stain issues. Develops a nice paste and grit to really tackle stains.

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  • caramialovesjames By  caramialovesjames    

    I had never heard of this product until a friend of mine gave me a set of her Revere Ware pots and pans - with copper bottoms. It cleans them wonderfully - I usually just use wet the surface, sprinkle on the powder and use a paper towel to scrub. Great results, every time.

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