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  • Mandmmcleod By  Mandmmcleod    

    Great diapers

    I loved huggies for my babies. I could always trust that they were dry and comfortable. They were also durable and never leaked.

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  • kboulton28 By  kboulton28    

    Best product on the market!

    These are by far the best diapers out there! I have purchased this product for all 3 of my children over the last 12 yrs., & after trying all of the other different kinds, I refuse to buy anything other than these. It is definitely worth the extra money.

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  • Arinthea By  Arinthea    

    I used this and pampers on my baby for the first few weeks of life and they did wonders.

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  • Csramp15 By  Csramp15    

    Little snugglers are great! My daughter is long and skinny and little snugglers are the only diapers that fit her just right. I have tried all the other brands and they never fit right! Also, these seem to be the only kind that don't make her break out with a rash.

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  • Caliloo123 By  Caliloo123    

    They are great for chubby babies.

    These diapers are perfect, they fit snug against the baby but allow for movement. Once the size gets above size 1, they begin to run big. If your baby is tall and skinny, they do not fit true to size. They seem to fit better on chubby babies. Other than that, they are wonderful diapers and are worth the cost.

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  • ohmyitsjen By  ohmyitsjen    

    Meh, I tried.

    I really wanted to love Huggies diapers but they just did not do the job for my daughter. I've tried a lot of brands and for some reason, Huggies just didn't hold a lot of the nasty diapers very well.. She had more blow outs with Huggies than any other kind.

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  • InspireBeautyMakeup By  InspireBeautyMakeup    

    Best Diapers ever

    Everyone in the whole world knows this is the best diaper, even the hospitals use it.

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  • Cheridel By  Cheridel    

    Wouldnt have it any other way

    Huggies snugglers has been my babies diapers from day one. anytime I try to go for the cheap ones you know to save a little bit of money I always regret it my baby ends up with the horrible rash that takes days and days to get rid of. I would not have it any other way Huggies snugglers has my best for you and I will not use a different diaper ever again.

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