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  • Kaylah-lah By  Kaylah-lah    

    Great family movie!

    Not only did my kids enjoy this movie but I did as well. It's funny for all ages!

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  • Littleainsley By  Littleainsley    

    It was ok

    This cartoon was great for my kids they really liked this and dident stop talking about it for ages so I have to give three stars as I wasent to interested in this one I?m afraid and I?m a big cartoon lover myself

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  • Belleofthelight By  Belleofthelight    

    A Great Movie For Kids and Adults

    This was the first movie I saw with my son, just the two of us. It was awesome and so funny. I appreciated how the plot incorporated real-life issues and hardships while maintaining humor throughout. Not easy to tackle with a young audience.

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  • babybailey97 By  babybailey97    

    Amazing! So funny!

    I absolutely loved this movie! I was having a rough day and watched this movie, I haven't laughed that hard in forever. I would recommend this movie to you, your kid(s) and your parents

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  • Falina By  Falina    

    Relatable characters

    Super cute ! I love each of the characters and I'm an adult! My kids love it w And feel like the characters are very relatable.

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  • Heathers2980 By  Heathers2980    

    Secret Life of Pets

    Cute and funny movie thats for kids and adults alike. Funny characters in the entire film keep you laughing!

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  • KarenAAnn By  KarenAAnn    

    Such a cute and fun movies for the whole family! We really enjoyed it. I could watch it over and over

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  • amandanicole0309 By  amandanicole0309    

    this movie was so cute watching it with my daughter! must see with the kids!

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  • jamylea By  jamylea    

    Thumbs up

    Cute movie! One I could watch over and over again. Kids enjoyed it a lot!!

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  • JamJam77 By  JamJam77    

    My 2 year old absolutely loved this movie, he watched it numerous times and to be honest I didn't mind either because it was enjoyable for the whole family. I would and have recommend this movie to friends and family :)

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  • loudcassi By  loudcassi    

    Great for the whole family

    I'm an adult, obviously, and my children are almost adults but EVERYONE in my house LOVED this movie! Highly recommend for children of all ages, even those of us who are just children at heart.

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  • moni25 By  moni25    

    i like

    i liked this movie but i don't really stand out to me as a favorite or anything

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  • MoHolster By  MoHolster    

    Not my favorite

    I would say this movie pretty well shows how pets behave, and possible explanations for why they act that way. However, I found the story line rather boring for my taste.

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  • gschu19 By  gschu19    

    cute kids movie for adults

    Cute for adults and kids! But the trailer showed the best parts... still recommended! Watched 2x and glad its on netflix now.

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  • barbiesbubbles By  barbiesbubbles    

    Cute, but simple.

    This movie was ...alright. My kids liked it, and it had its cute/funny moments. A simple movie, nothing complicated. But there was really only one character that we cared about (the little white dog) and she wasn't a big part of the movie. However, it was still a cute movie and I'd watch it again just for fun.

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