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  • PaigePanacea By  PaigePanacea    

    My boy loved his Sophie until the squeak broke! It served its purpose as a tether toy!

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  • meAlinaandI By  meAlinaandI    

    Is a nice toy...but I do not think that it is worth 28 or more dollars. Personally my daughter never used it as a teether.

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  • sofiemanuka By  sofiemanuka    

    That teething really helped my niese.. She was having problems but now she is perfectly fine thanks to that magical teething

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  • Kirstenshespeaks By  Kirstenshespeaks    

    My son loves Sophie! Its so easy for his little hands to hold her and chew away! Definitely helps with teething!

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  • KMR1278 By  KMR1278    

    While this little rubber teething toy seemed to me to be a completely overpriced baby item, I must say that my daughter was CRAZY about it. This toy was one of her favorites and I felt comfortable with her chewing on it because I knew the materials was clean and free of harsh, damaging chemicals. I would definitely recommend this toy to any new parent - it's worth the money!

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  • KristinaS By  KristinaS    

    This was one of my daughter's favorite toys. Sure, some say it's a little bit high priced but seeing how much my daughter LOVED it and how great it was for her to chew on it and grasp it it was well worth it. The texture is soft and flexible, too. We are getting another one for our son!

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  • khyaiin By  khyaiin    

    The only reason I knocked it down a peg is the price. I understand that it is natural rubber, but really $30!?!?! Otherwise, it is worth it. My baby loves it. Every child I know loves it. They are just naturally drawn to her I suppse. I feel good about her chewing on something natural. I wouldn't want to pay the money for it myself, so I always buy it as a baby shower gift now so no one will have to fret over spending that much on a teether for themselves.

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  • Torinad0 By  Torinad0    

    Not sure why parents rave on about this thing! It is cute but extremely over priced! My son never gave it much mind! Wish I would've just saved my $30!

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  • springeree By  springeree    

    Even thought it cost a little more then what you might want to spend it is well worth it. This teether is easy to hold for little hands and its just cuter.

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  • ruizluanne By  ruizluanne    

    My baby loves this teether. She loves the contrasting colors and it helped her with grasping when she holds this toy. She also gets better with her teething for the past few weeks. She is so happy whenever she sees this toy.

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  • maradra1983 By  maradra1983    

    My little guy was teething really bad! But that teether helped him soothing his pain!

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  • abundance1228 By  abundance1228    

    I didnt get what the big hype was about this teether until I brought one. Being as thought i hardly ever used them for my other 4 children I didnt want to spend much on something she's gonna throw anyway. Man, she loved this thing. I now get it. She was able to hold it no problems. Its now one of my go to baby shower gifts.

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  • MadredeDos21 By  MadredeDos21    

    When I first saw this teether I was hesitant to get it because the price is a little steep, but after reading the reviews I decided to give it a try. My son was 5 months when we bought it for him and he had problems with all of the other teethers we had bought before. Either he couldn't keep a hold of them for more than a few minutes with his chubby little hands or they were too big to get to the parts he needed and he would loose interest. Sophie has been a God send! She was worth every penny!! My son loves her and because she's long he's able to hold her easily. He can chew on just about every part. I would highly recommend this teether to anyone having a baby and will definitely add it to my list of baby shower gifts!

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