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  • Chimmybell By  Chimmybell    

    I prefer these tampons over any other. They are cheaper, don't leak, and they are better for the environment since there isn't an applicator.

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  • Lesleykh By  Lesleykh    

    I personally did not really like this product due to not having an applicator. It was kind of hard to insert.

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  • JanayS89 By  JanayS89    

    O.b. Will always have the best comfort out of any tampons in my opinion. Their absorption could be improved to prevent leakage. Although very comfortable I usually have to use a pad for security.

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  • zoedanann By  zoedanann    

    I really do love these tampons over the more popular brands, which I usually find to be too large & to stick out a little making them uncomfortable. These are very comfortable! They do not absorb as much as others and I don't feel as secure about leakage when using them, but their size for me personally makes up for having to change them a little more often.

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  • Wendy924 By  Wendy924    

    The O B tampon isn't quite as absorbent as my usual tampon. While it does give protection I seemed to have to change them more frequently. I definitely don't like that there isn't an applicator as this is very unsanitary.

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  • parker2820031 By  parker2820031    

    I really like these tampons. The variety pack is the one I choose when shopping. The fact that they don't have an applicator make them easy to carry and conceal. I feel confident using these. No leaks.

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  • mystienyght By  mystienyght    

    After many years of trying different brand I finally found the one! OB! Easy to use, no leakage or discomfort! Wish I would have found them sooner!

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  • TheyCallMeTruther By  TheyCallMeTruther    

    This was the first tampon that I've ever used! What I adore about it is how SMALL it is. Do you know how awesome that is? I can hide it anywhere. It doesn't have the usual tubular design of the usual tampons, which makes me feel like I'm inserting something foreign waaaay farther up there that usual. It's just a small, compact tampon, and you insert it yourself, as comfortably up as you want, and wah-la! Absorbency was never an issue- this brand, like all other tampon brands, come in different absorbency strengths. As long as you find the right level for YOU, you're good to go. The best part? I get soooo many of these convenient tiny things every time I buy a small box. ^_^ I lose like half of them and I still don't buy that much. Talk about cost-effective, eh? The worst part? I lose like, half of them. >.>

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