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This works good...can't always afford...but worth it when I can buy it!

I've tried this product a while back and I have to say I absolutely love it!!! In my opinion it does exactly what it says it does totally would recommend this to a friend

love clear hair care. it doesn't dry my hair out like some others

My hair is usually dried out by different shampoos so I have to stay with a specific one for longer than a month, this is a miracle worker!

This product is not my normal Pantene products but I did try it because I got it from a friend couponer who urged me to try. I thought it had a good smell and worked pretty good on my hair. I have long curly hair so sometimes I have to use more of certain conditioners, but this one worked well with only using a little bit. I would recommend to friends because I think it's a good product with a good value.

Believe it or not, I got this on a disdiscount rack and tried it and loved it. Now I look for this brand first. I love hohow it made my hair feel and how it really helped. Great product.

I love this shampoo-conditioner combo. Doesn't leave my hair weighted down.

love this product so much does wonders for myhair

This is in my top 3 must have hair care lines. Every formula is amazing and makes my hair so healthy looking. I don't need any styling products when I use this line. I recommend it to all my FB fans and everyone loves it too.

I've used this shampoo many times, and it always makes my hair super soft and shiny. The only problem is the bottle design. Some of the bottles are almost impossible to open if you don't have nails, and really hurt your finger trying! My mom who has arthritis has it even worse with this bottle.

Was very happy with this product! I love the scent of this and loved that my hair felt moisturized and not weighed down after using it. It felt truly clean! I will continue to use this product!

CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY Total Care Conditioner has a very nice light scent. I like the way it leaves my naturally hair soft, silky and manageable. After using this conditioner I am able to comb through my hair without tangles. I also like the fact that it does not irritate my sensitive scalp. I have recommended this product to my family and friends, because of the way it leaves my hair soft and manageable.

I use this as a pretreatment before my shampoo because I use a lot of product that dries out my scalp. I definitely recommend to those with dry, itchy, or dandruff issues.

I love my Aveda products so I'm kind of biased. If you're going to buy hair products from the grocery store then I don't mind this one. It has a great smell. Although I need to use more root boost when I use this product.

Simply I received this product for a viewing purposes from another site I can't tell the difference whether it worked right away due to just a sampling also I checked prices my shampoo is cheaper than Ness so I'm going to be sticking with my own shampoo that I normally use