Johnson's  Baby Powder

Johnson's Baby Powder

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I've been using this product for years and I'm not a baby anymore. It feels good after a shower and smells good. Makes my skin feel soft.

I love Johnson's Baby Powder it smells so fresh and i love is great to keep you from sweating and for after the shower oh yeah i even use it n my carpets to freshness them before i vacuum it!

always used baby powder on my children. love it.

May be good to use for adults that may want to use it for various reasons but would never use this around my son.

Love this stuff Its seriousley like my lifesaver and people think its just for the use of babys its not when i have greasy hair i just dab some in my roots where it looks greasy and your hair looks so fresh and puffy and it gives you the greatest volume up in your roots i love this and i think it works great for babys and even workks as good as a dry shampoo and i love the smell !

After the negative reviews about infants inhaling this stuff, I stopped using it.

One day my hair was really oily & my bestfriend to me to put Powder in my hair. I thought she was crazy. So I waited until I was home alone & this stuff really worked ! Lol I use it all the time after I get out the shower & whenever my hair wants to be a jerk lol . Great stuff. Not just for babies

to me baby powder is too dusty to be around a newborn baby. id rather use eco friendly ointments instead. plus wouldnt want it spilling everywhere.

This is a great product for children and adults from heat rash to the need to feel fresh

I love this baby powder. Since I no longer have a baby to use it on, I use it in my hair if it looks a little greasy. Works like a charm.

This is a great product for children and adults from heat rash to the need to feel fresh

I use this from time to time on my son. Only when he starts to get a slight heat rash on his body from sweating. Other than that I use this in my husbands work boots to help with the smell.

Baby powder has never seemed to help or improve the outcome of any of our babies rashes, be they from wet diapers, heat, moisture rash, ect..its cakey, and dangerous for the baby if they inhale the stuff...overall I see this as a dead end product for your infants now days when there are so many wonderful products that are effective and safer to offer.

Baby powder is SO dangerous for lung aspiration, get RID OF IT moms!!

Get out of the nursery and take it to the BEACH! Kepp a small bottle of Johnson's baby powder in your beach bag. It is perfect to sprinkle on after a day at the beach. The sand falls right off ! You''ll all smell great and your car will stay cleaner, too!