Rotel Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies

Rotel Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies

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Add this to just about anything to spruce it up the flavor is great

Love Rotel! I use these in so many recipes and love what they add to each one!

Pantry must have! This is a must have in my pantry! It is a go to for a quick chips and dip, chili or the newest recipe that I tried, the party burgers!

At all times, I had mild, original and hot cans of rotel in my cabinets. Use them in fajitas, chili, cheese dip, etc. Never ending uses!

Love Rotel. I use it in a lot of recipes and of course you MUST try it for Queso dip! I like the varieties available too!

This is a must have for taco night! I put them in while cooking my meat along with onion and green pepper. They have the perfect amount of savory from the tomato and hot/spicy from the green chilies. Gives my turkey tacos the perfect amount of kick!

I love Rotel in my velveeta cheese and chips. I gave it 4 stars because it says MILD but it still has a bit of "hotness" to it. I like the taste and will add it to beans as well.

This is the perfect addition to any tex-mex dish. I often use Rotel to add to my recipe for taco soup. It gives a special flavor to the soup like no other ingredient. It is one ingredient that you cannot substitute.

Tastes great in so many different recipes, especially dips.

I love this rotel because I use it all the time to make rotel dip as well as making dishes that use rotel

I wanted to like this so much but i found it to have too many of the parts of the tomato that I get rid of when I use fresh ones. The yucky center part and the stem bits.

Great taste. Great price. Perfect for cooking. Queso, pasta, pizza, tabuleh, etc...

Really good. Great for several dishes. Always wonderful quality.

My family uses hotel in quest dip and anchors to a few crock pot meals. They just love how the hot chili's make everything have a little spice.

I love this and use it all the time from an easy queso dip with velveeta cheese to an entire dinner of pollo e roz. I love these.