Boogie Wipes Saline Wipes for Noses

Boogie Wipes Saline Wipes for Noses

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LOVEEEEE these! Use them for the boys I nanny and for myself. I alternate between tissues and these so that their noses don't dry out! Good for sticky hands too.

I loved these when my son had a stuffy nose. It was soft on his nose and they smell nice

Love these wipes. We keep them in each car, the bathroom, one in the high chair and some on hand in the nursery. We cannot get enough of these wipes. They are durable and stand up to any mess (Adult messes included)!

These wipes work really well. They don't dry out babies nose or make it red from wiping it.

great product. love the grape!

this are really easy tho have them on the go, whenever my boy has a little cold I always carry them with me

Boogie Wipes are a great product for on the go, a little pricey, but work well. However regular baby wipes are cheaper and contain more in a package.

who doesn't love boogie wipes? The grape scent is my favorite so far. Its very gentle on my little ones nose while strong enough to sustain her constant blowing.

Love them they will clean any typical mess a baby or toddler could make and they are so easy to keep anywhere

Perfect for any everyday messes

My kid hates when he has a runny nose and I try to clean him up. It hurts him when it all dried up and he freaks out but with these it helps loosen it up so its not so painful.

Have you ever had a little one with a cold and a snotty nose? Ever taken a child out of the carseat and that nose is beyond "Yuck!" you know hard and crusty. These are GREAT! Makes cleaning nasty noses a breeze especially when your little one doesn't want you touching their face. They smell nice (the green ones are our favorite) They are soft and moist to help loosen all that crud and honestly I use them to wipe his whole face down from time to time because...well why not!

I just started using these and they work great! I'm just not sure if I would keep spending the extra money just because they are specific for the nose.

We tried these out with our 2 y/o but he simply does not like anything going anywhere near his nose. I did like the smell of the grape one and I think that maybe if my son were a bit older he may like these but as of yet, we simply use baby wipes to clean his nose. I did use it myself and thought it was great since it helps to loosen up any dried mucus and it was great to be able to smell something pleasant as I used it. Will try these again when he learns to blow his nose

I'm not sure I like Boogie wipes as much as others. I received a pack at my baby shower and decided to give them a try. To me, the scent was annoyingly strong. I could not justify purchasing this product to wipe my kids boogies off when a simple tissue would do. Or a baby wipe, since we always carry those around. I'd say if you had a pre-schooler or kindergartener, let them carry one in their bag to school if they have very crusty hard-to-remove boogies. If not, I wouldn't bother.