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  • Fuzzmucker By  Fuzzmucker    

    My kids both get many hours of imaginative play from legos. The only downside is how much it hurts to step on them

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  • elsmarlouamrman By  elsmarlouamrman    

    My son grew up "playing" with Legos. Great product. Not sure if there is a connection, but he is currently working on a PhD in the sciences.

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  • Rockstar9936 By  Rockstar9936    

    My children love Legos. I love to see what they can dream up. I just wish they sold more of the classic lego kits with a variety of block . the lego kits that are specific builds just end up getting lost in the mountain of other lego pieces and they never build that specific build again.

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    My son is absolutely obsessed with Legos! The thing is, the cheaper brands do not seem to hold together as well as these ones do! I am more willing to pay the higher price for these versus the cheaper ones.

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  • Lilmiss By  Lilmiss    

    Ourstanding ! ive got tons of these for my 6 year old hes built a chair for his room. he loves them !

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  • AmySS84 By  AmySS84    

    Lego blocks have to be one of the most classic toys that are in existence. My children loved playing with Legos. My nieces and nephews have loved playing with legos. They make for a great gift. I don't know one child that doesn't have legos to play with in their home. This toy is a great way to develop creativity since they can make different things each time they play with them.

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  • willettmakayla By  willettmakayla    

    legos are great for learning fine moters in toddlers. our family loves legos!!!

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  • falu215 By  falu215    

    Lego blocks are an American staple. In fact, my child's school has lots of presenters in their STEM program that use Lego blocks to explain their ideas. This ensures the ideas are translated into a hands-on experience.

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  • Shecares1 By  Shecares1    

    Every child needs Legos. They stir up a child's imagination and keeps their minds going for hours.

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  • auraignacio By  auraignacio    

    I grew up with Legos. Glad to see that they are still making them. You can create endless ideas with these toys!

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  • mylesmom By  mylesmom    

    We have a major love for Legos in my house. They are such a cross generational toy that all members of the family can get involved. They have so many sets and types of Legos now that toddlers, big kids, teens, girls and even adults can enjoy. I also want to say their customer service is fantastic. We have ordered special pieces from them as well as replacement pieces if the kids lose one. The process is simple and they are very pleasant to work with.

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  • dreapress By  dreapress    

    My four children are Lego maniacs! They even get my husband and I to join them while building things. They are such great toys and even aid in hand eye coordination. Legos are the only toy my severely ADHD son will sit down and play with.

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  • manise73 By  manise73    

    lego blocks is a good toy to buy your child/children its been around as long as i can remember. it can teach colors and kids can unlock their imaginations.

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  • LovingMamaof2 By  LovingMamaof2    

    Lego my legos! My son is a Lego fanatic, our pool table has been transformed into a Lego City! We bought chalkboard wood and placed it on top of the table and he drew roads, helicopter pad, and train tracks on them. He strategically arranged his Lego kits (firehouse, police station, store, people, garbage truck and more) to make his own Lego City. He's 6 years old and because of these awesome blocks it has given him the imagination of an engineer mind. He always wants the new kits but unfortunately they are soo expensive. He has saved all his allowance so he can buy whichever one he wants. If you have kids, I would absolutely recommend this to you!

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  • ima_lil_galaxy By  ima_lil_galaxy    

    Let the imaginations run wild! These blocks go a long way especially when you get the buildable ones with the little people. The Lego Movie helped to bring these wonderful toys back to life and all of the children in my family have used them. They are horrible to step on, but they last FOREVER so they can be passed down from kid to kid or generation to generation. So many colors and a great learning toy because kids learn shapes and how to build using play.

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