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  • ispeak2014 By  ispeak2014    

    awesome product. love the smpooth feel iget after every use,

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  • mommablaze By  mommablaze    

    I find this product a must have. the cost is quite pricey, but well worth it!

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  • Rosenna472 By  Rosenna472    

    Venus Olay Razor has five blades. Pretty good.

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  • fullsusan By  fullsusan    

    i love this razor one of the best i have ever used . I like it because you dont feel the blade on your skin. You do however get a very close and smooth shave

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  • DandyD By  DandyD    

    I was really pleased with this products performance...soft &smooth!

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  • MissV903 By  MissV903    

    Love this razor does not cut my legs and gives a smooth shave.

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  • mouhanna32 By  mouhanna32    

    I was satisfied with this product, I felt my legs were smooth while I was shaving them, i liked it, the soap does fall off after using it a couple of ties which is annoying. Overall I would recommend using this product if you want a smooth shave and smooth legs afterwards.

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  • MasterofMom By  MasterofMom     SheSpeaks Tester

    I've been using this brand of razor for years. I love that you can buy different blade attachments depending on your skin type. Olay is a wonderful moisturizer, and I have used these particular blade heads several times in the past few months to try and reduce the impact of dry winter weather on my legs. I think these do a great job and the blades are very long-lasting.

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  • SheilaKay By  SheilaKay    

    Love this razor. Gives a smooth shave.

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  • tcherenow By  tcherenow    

    Awesome razor! Feels great after I shave my legs. The moisture strip smells so good, and makes it nice that I done't have to use anything else to shave my legs, just the Gillette-Venus-Olay-Razor.

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  • JennyJax By  JennyJax    

    I love a clean shave and this delivers. The soapy bars drove me nuts so I did toss them and I stll liked the razor, actually a bit better.

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  • quietwater By  quietwater    

    Love it! It is very sharp and glides easily on my skin removing hair with little fuss. It's more pricey than other razors but you get what you pay for and this works.

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  • ishita By  ishita    

    Don't recommend this. There were two setbacks to enjoying the smooth super close shave five blades should get. The pads of lotion were too large to let the blades get to my skin, and the slime of the lotion made it hard to the blades to latch on the hair to cut.

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  • ElisaBradford5683 By  ElisaBradford5683    

    Great quality razor, but irritating to sensitive skin. While this razor does give a VERY close, smooth shave, it is definitely not a good choice for anyone with sensitive skin. My legs were burning horribly (I'm assuming an allergic reaction to the "moisturizer"). I pulled off those soapy bars and tried again a once my skin had healed completely.. MUCH BETTER. I'm assuming this is not the norm and as they don't advertise "hypo-allergenic", I have to give the product 4 stars. My legs were the smoothest they've ever been!

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  • Ninamichelle25 By  Ninamichelle25    

    This is a very good razor!! It doesn't leave me with any burns or cuts

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