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  • hybroanglid By  hybroanglid    

    Perfect graduation gift!

    This is my go-to graduation gift! I received it when I graduated from high school, and I still have my copy. It is a wonderful way to mark the end of one chapter and the opening of a new one, and all the as yet unknown adventures that await the graduate!

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  • rkosully By  rkosully    

    Dr. Seuss is clever, and all his books are enjoyable. This one makes an excellent graduation gift.

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  • jogeraci By  jogeraci    

    A Book For All Ages: Perfect Graduation Gift

    I love giving a copy of this book to anyone graduating a program. From kindergarten to middle school to high school to college. The lessons in this book are applicable for all ages.

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  • Ashleybrindle By  Ashleybrindle    


    Wonderful book I absolutely adore. Used this for a graduation speech and was a complete successful

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  • AprilKat By  AprilKat    

    Every child should have this book

    This is a wonderful book and I have read it to each one of my children. A great little thing I have started is that each year I have asked my daughter's teacher to write her an inspirational message to her. Then on her graduation day I plan to give it to her to keep not just look over. I think having the book itself and the messages from those who helped push her in school can do wonders in a college setting when she is feeling discouraged!

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  • tiffypoo2 By  tiffypoo2    

    This book is a family favorite. My youngest always requests it for her bed time story.

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  • Mustain69 By  Mustain69    

    Great book

    Its a fun book to go through with your kiddos and I love how you can relate it to all the steps your children will go through in life. My son loves it and the baby loves the bright colors!

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  • JeanPa By  JeanPa    

    Great Book

    Great book! Have all my daughters teachers sign it and will give to her at her high school graduation!

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  • DHPowder By  DHPowder    

    My Son Loves this Story

    I read this book to my son at night before bed. He has always been a fan of the vibrant and imaginative stories of Dr. Seuss

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  • clcaj4 By  clcaj4    

    Great graduation gift

    I bought this for my daughter and have been having all her teachers sign it. This will be a gift at her high school graduation.

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  • mallgirl By  mallgirl    

    Not just for kids

    I absolutely love this book and I don't have kids! From what I understand, he wrote this as he approached old age, and as I get older I can relate to this book, and actually to all his books. He was a gem.

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  • KColeman072104 By  KColeman072104    

    Love Dr. Seuss

    I absolutely love this book! I have one for each of my kids and I have all their teachers sign it and I plan to give it to them for graduation.

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  • Gabbiecat By  Gabbiecat    

    Amazing and loved

    This is one of my all time favorite books! I give it as graduation gifts also.

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  • Loricci01 By  Loricci01    

    Great for kindergarten present!

    Got this for my son when he started kindergarten as well as a bunch of cute party supplies and back to school items lat the target dollar spot. We then invited over the neighbors since they were also starting kindergarten and made rainbow pancakes. Will be a memory I always remember.

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  • MomToALittleLady By  MomToALittleLady    

    Everyone should read this!

    So Powerful and Inspiring especially for this new generation coming up. I adore this book , I brought this for my 4yr old and had to put it up until shes a bit older.

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