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  • metbn8421 By  metbn8421    

    Nice if you need something to relax before bed.

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  • kolorlady By  kolorlady    

    My son was on a 36 hr clock. If grandma let him nap, he was up to 2 am. This was only thing that got us thru the toddler stage. He didnt need any sweetner.

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  • GlamCityBlonde By  GlamCityBlonde    

    This tea has been around since I was a little girl, it still has the ability to relax me and is the perfect end to my hectic day. I highly recommend it and give it to my children as well to relax them and help them sleep.

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  • aopstad By  aopstad    

    I love this tea. It is an herbal tea, and truly helps coax me into sleep. There is a light mint flavor and aroma. I love this tea to unwind and start my bedtime routine!

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  • wmfrack By  wmfrack    

    This is wonderful to drink before bedtime if you want to fall asleep easily and stay asleep throughout the night. The taste is not too strong, but pleasant, and the tea does it's job!

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