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  • PNichols By  PNichols    

    I like their clothes and selection of items. However the stores seem to always be trashed. and you';re really only getting a deal if you shop the clearance section.

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  • Nhuston3 By  Nhuston3    

    They do have good selections of clothing if you are of average size. I being considered plus size not so much to choose from unless you want to wear old lady styles of clothing.

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  • Bagel2332 By  Bagel2332    

    I love the products from Kohls. Their clothes fit better than any others you buy elsewhere. I just did not give them 5 stars because their clothes are on the pricey side.

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  • xoxodragonfly By  xoxodragonfly    

    I don't go into this store. There's always a sale but actually it's the regular price you would pay anywhere else

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  • AnnaBugg By  AnnaBugg    

    I love hitting the clearance at Kohl's combined with a 30% off code, plus Kohl's cash and Kohl's gift points on top of that, I get really good deals!! Also love their no hassle return policy!!

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  • Justmissash By  Justmissash    

    Ok store. Not as great of selection and prices. You can find some deals and they do send coupons but I don't have one close enough to me to really shop here. I'd rather shop at walmart and target.

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  • Kara2001 By  Kara2001    

    Kohls bucks are great, they give you a great opportunity to get discounts/free stuff. The clothes are pretty cute but the quality isn't the best. The employees are friendly and the store is very clean. Te bathrooms are also clean. The products are a little bit pricey but not too bad. It's is a good store for formal clothing, or casual. I see many old ladies in there.

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  • asiulkas By  asiulkas    

    I like shop there, they always send me some coupons what I love it

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  • 5littlejohnsons By  5littlejohnsons    

    Favorite place to buy just about anything for the family!!

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  • MomToBella By  MomToBella    

    I usually find that the product is well worth the little bit of extra money. I always have a new coupon in the mail or email. I can always find an associate for help and a price scanner if needed. Downside is, they don't accept expired kohls cash anymore. Understandable, but as a creature of habit, I don't like policy changes.

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  • onlycheryl By  onlycheryl    

    I love the selection that Kohl's has. I haven't been shopping there as much due to their prices. Their sales are not really sales anymore due to them raising the price then putting it on sale. That is not a saving. Would love it if their prices were a little lower, because I love the store.

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  • Jean1214 By  Jean1214    

    This store is the most disorganized place I have ever shopped in. Their prices are high, and their selection is poor.

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  • katfos By  katfos    

    I really hate stores that everything is always on sale. This is a ploy to make you think that you are getting a good deal. I do like shopping here when they have Kohls bucks because you get more bang for you buck.

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  • lickysplitnik By  lickysplitnik    

    Staff was helpful kinda over priced easy to find stuff

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  • yuly4840 By  yuly4840    

    I recently when into this store, it was over price.

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