Elf Movie

Elf Movie

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Will Ferrell, Zoe Deschanel, Bob Newhart, and Peter Dinklage are 4 of my most favorite talents on the planet, and they are all in this film. It doesn't even need to be the holiday season for me to enjoy this movie, but I definitely MUST see it during the holidays. In spite of having seen it multiple times, I still laugh and laugh whenever I watch it. It's incredibly cute, silly, and so much fun. Definitely one of Will Ferrell's best family comedies.

I love this movie. Will Farrell is adorable in it. "Did you hear me?" Hahaha

cute movie and funny character

i loved this movie it's a really funny Christmas movie must see if you haven't yet


didn't think I was going to like this movie but I decided to give it a shot one day when it was on t.v. I'm so glad I watched it. It's adorable ! I bought it on DVD for my parents for Christmas and they love it.

"Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?" This is in our Christmas rotation, but to be honest, we watch it all year long! It's so funny, but what I love most is that I can watch it with my toddler and any other kids around without having to worry about inappropriate material. Will Ferrell cracks us up, and the story is so cute. "Bye Buddyyyyyy".. "Goodbye Mr. Narwhal." Mmm, make me want some maple syrup right now.

One of my favorites. It is really funny

I watch this every year for Christmas, it is forever added to my stack of Christmas dvds. I know the humor can be a bit cheesy and stupid but that's why I love it! It is a sweet story and Will Ferrell is so funny! It is also kid friendly so I can enjoy it with my neice and nephew.

I love this movie! I could watch it over and over, any time of year! I must admit, I even quote it often...it's a great, family-friendly, funny movie...definitely get ready for some tummy burn, from all the laughing!

This movie has snuck it's way into a must watch at Christmas time. It's a funny, cute, family friendly movie.

This is a funny movie. It has now become a must watch with the kids during Christmas. I didn't want to watch it at first but my daughter said 'please Mommy' so how could I refuse and I am glad she made me, we laughed so hard it was great!

We bring the kids over a few days before Christmas and make yummy snacks and watch elf every year. Such a fun tradition and such a fun movie. Look forward to it every year!

Look forward to watching this movie every winter. Really funny and entertaining.

A really sweet holiday movie. Will Ferrel reminds us that the holidays are a time for childlike wonder and joy.