Twix Caramel Chocolate Cookie Bar

Twix Caramel Chocolate Cookie Bar

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Twix Yummy chocolate and carmel candy bar. Love the carmel, its so creamy and smooth!

love love the smooth Carmel great little candy never let me down

Yum The perfect amount of Carmel and chocolate... yum :) plus 2 in a pack one to share or both for you.

Very good if you like cookies with caramel & chocolate on top.

Twix are gross! I feel like if i ate these id have a cavity!

Heaven in a wrapper You can never go wrong with Twix. The combination of chocolate, cookie, and caramel is delicious. The US version is my favorite--in the UK, the chocolate tastes a bit funny. Could it be ingredient regulations? Should I be concerned about what the US allows in the product that the U.K. doesn't?

Definitely my favorite chocolate. Has always been since 10 years ago . Always a good satisfaction to my tastebuds lol

Fills out my taste buds! One of my favorite chocolate bars, has a rich taste which fills your taste buds. Absolutely love this, you will almost not catch me one or twice a week without indulging in Twix. I am a shamed to say I despised chocolate, but this snack just showed me what i was missing out on.

LOVE! Twix is an amazing candy bar! It has just the right amount of sweetness to satisfy your cravings!

While twix is not my favorite candy, it is definitely top 10. I love the ooey, gooey caramel but the crunchy cookie is the best part!

twix cookie this taste so good candy bar an cookie all in one

My Fav Candy Hand Down! I love Twix! Nothing better than caramel and cookie all in one. Perfect for a little treat when I have had a long day.

So Yummy! I love Twix! one of my all time favorite candy bars!!!

Delicious Great candy bar, doesn't get five stars from me because I'm not a fan of how hard they are. The taste is great and especially love the size of them and shape.

Oh delicious my huge temptations great chocolate bar