A&E Storage Wars

A&E Storage Wars

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I was addicted to this show from the first time I watched it. I learned alot about bidding on lockers, and even considered trying this myself.

This show is great. The people are interesting and the things they find. You learn a lot about storage buying and selling. Wish they would show them selling it to the people or do they off camera?

This show is entertaining! I like seeing what they find in the storage units. I am always surprised at how much some of the stuff they find is worth.

I am totally addicted to Storage Wars! It is very entertaining. I love to see the interesting things that people abandon in storage lockers and finding out how much money can be made off the contents.

I really like this show, me and my family watch this a lot, especially because it's on when not much else is on. Barry is definitely the funniest and it's fun to see all the great finds they make.

This show is funny i watch it all the time

IF this show is anything it would have to be comical. It is fun to see what kind of goodies they find in these storage units, but the best part of the show is how funny the characters are.

This show is a must-see. It's awesome to see how many cool, unique items the buyers find, as well as the rivalry that exists between the cast members.

I absolutely love this show. It's awesome to see how much some stuff left in a storage locker is worth. I even play the game on facebook.

I love this show! I get excited waiting to see what they find in these storage units! It makes me with I had the money to go out and buy storage units.

I can't stop watching this show. It's a reality show where abandoned storage units are auctioned off to the highest bidder, and it follows four guys who are in the storage auction business. It's fascinating to see just how much profit can be made on the items people leave in storage units! A really entertaining reality show.