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  • Barbi46 By  Barbi46    

    My husband loves these. He loves eating this woth pork and beans. One time I bought an off brand and he said " Make sure you buy the Johnsonville for now on."

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  • Connoranddarrylsmommy By  Connoranddarrylsmommy    

    These are so much juicier than any other brand they also keep their flavor when cooked in dishes such as kraut and sausage other great recipes

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  • nessanu By  nessanu    

    I love this! it's a perfect mixture of spices and flavor. I'm a very big meat eater and nothing is better then these!

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  • Mclittlebit By  Mclittlebit    

    I love these sausages. They have good flavor, aren't too greasy, and are the perfect size to fill up my family.

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  • jdmmom By  jdmmom    

    It's a great substitute for hot dogs. It doesn't give you the nasty after taste. It can be used for many things other than hot dogs. We use it for anything like in stews or pasta.

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  • lmeppley By  lmeppley    

    Very yummy weather on a hot dog bun, spaghetti or added to any other recipe!! Very flavorful!!

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  • LadyRafferty By  LadyRafferty    

    Our whole family love these sausages. They're not spicy, and work well with some tomato sauce, peppers and onions in the crock pot. They're also delicious on the grill. If you're in a time crunch, they're nice pan fried as well. Great product.

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  • cintro By  cintro    

    They are delicious and my husband's favorite!!

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  • marcyj11 By  marcyj11    

    I really like these but my husband does not. I find them to be wonderful to grill and eat like hot dogs.

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  • Upclosewithmadi By  Upclosewithmadi    

    These sausages are great!

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    My husband loves all things sausage and these are his favorite!

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  • Pamjh67 By  Pamjh67    

    These sausage are the best for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Great to snack on to. They have the best taste out of all other sausage.

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  • kmorasse By  kmorasse    

    These are pretty good. I like the taste, but a little fatty.

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  • Kapries By  Kapries    

    Great on the pit

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  • 1andonlySylvia By  1andonlySylvia    

    Yum. That's all that's needed. only downside....only 5 in a pkg. wish there were 6 because there is mostly only 3 of us at home and 6 would give each of us one for dinner and either 1 for lunch or 1 for a snack after work and/or school! Good deal for the price, even better with a coupon!

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