Parents Choice Hypoallergenic Fragrance Free Baby Wipes

Parents Choice Hypoallergenic Fragrance Free Baby Wipes

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as a one income family I tried a lot of generic brands and found that as far as wipes go this brand worked sister also used these on her daughter who got rashes a lot... they are thick and work well

Love these wipes,,, good price for the money and with a two year old and a set of 7 month old twins, I keep a pack in the diaper bag and use them for EVERYTHING! :) Very easy to use, thick and get most anything off upholstery, little faces, hands and hineys :))

Wipes work fine and a value price

These wipes are the best I love the brand and the quality. I never bought an expensive brand on wipes before because these are perfectly fine.

These are my favorite wipes ever. I think that some of the other wipes out there are too thin and "slippery", where they spread the mess around instead of cleaning it up. I don't want to sit around and waste expensive wipes trying to clean up the mess. I want to use one or two that are thick and textured enough to clean. These are very versatile too. Instead of just using them as wipes for the diaper area, I use them to clean the high chair, wipes faces and hands after meals/snacks and have been caught using them to clean things around the house. I buy the scented version sometimes, and think that the scent is very enjoyable.

I've gotten these wipes for both of my children and have never had a problem with them. I also buy these diapers!

These work just fine and are a affordable with a low price.

I love these wipes. They work great for cleaning up as well as for bottoms. They work just as well as the expensive brands and are much less expensive.

More bang for your buck! They have so many different scents and remain hypoallergenic. I absolutely love the Refreshing Cucumber scented ones. Ever since trying these, I have not purchased any other type of baby wipes!

We used these wipes on both our children as infants and never had aproblem and they both have sensitive skin!!!

I love these. Pretty much i have never found a parent choice product that is bad. these whips are gentle and never hurts my son.

I compare these to huggies because parents choice wipes are thick and not like other store brand wipes ive tried. When I am in a bunch and can't afford huggies wipes I always purchase parents choice.

Great wipes with a low price!!

These are the wipes I swear by. I've used others but these held up the best.

I liked these wipes. Kinda surprised at the bad reviews. They were soft and just wet enough to tackle all the messes my daughter made. I Will purchase again and I know my friends choose these wipes also.