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  • smartsororitygirl By  smartsororitygirl    

    OPI is a good way to get a drugstore type brand that lasts more then a day! Love it!

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  • Cslaskey By  Cslaskey    

    I always love OPI's wide and ever changing selection of nail polish. I like the way that OPI dries to a shiny finish even without a topcoat. I only wish that it were a little longer lasting!

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  • DRigby By  DRigby    

    I Love OPI! Great colors, fast drying with a glossy finish.

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  • thetruthwillsetufree811 By  thetruthwillsetufree811    

    They have some cute colors. However it still chip off like any other brand.

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  • MsBianca76 By  MsBianca76    

    If I could give this nail polish a 7++ I would its amazing super pigmented, strong fibers to coat your nails for a lasting manicure, no funky smell and dries fast with one coat. I think you get every penny you spend don this nail polish. I cant wait to get the glitters set for Christmas nails Fa lalalalala

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  • MamaSnooki By  MamaSnooki    

    Price wise i hate it. But they have really great colors.

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  • jillnunn By  jillnunn    

    I've been doing my nails (not a salon, ME), since I was a kid. I'm middle-aged now, and after trying all sorts of brands, from the cheap to the high-end pricey ones, I've concluded that OPI is the best.

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  • trippingtiffies By  trippingtiffies    

    OPI chips off just like any other polish. Save your $$ and get a cheaper brand.

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  • earningwings By  earningwings    

    Love the OPI colors and have been wearing it for years. It is my favorite. Downside is that it chips really fast whether I have it done at the salon or do myself. Really you cant beat the unique colors... it is hard to find one that doesnt become your favorite.

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  • DaringSpecimen7 By  DaringSpecimen7    

    Too expensive.Lasted 2 days the most.Wouldn't try again.

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  • Sunnysnowflake By  Sunnysnowflake    

    OPI Nail Lacquer is my favorite! It lasts longer than any other nail polish I have ever tried. I love the color range and really love the limited editions they come out with. And the tiny bottles are perfect for me since I can't wear nail polish at work. So its just a fun thing to do for special occasions. Highly recommend

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  • kimkimsjourney By  kimkimsjourney    

    This is my all time favorite brand of nails polish. I have over 600 bottles of OPI polishes..... Yes, that many lol I love the colors and the names!!!

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  • jesscoletta By  jesscoletta    

    Great product, goes on smooth, never any bubbles and rarely chips. Love OPI

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  • CarisaLin By  CarisaLin    

    I love OPI they are consistently one of my favorite nail polish lines. They always come out with great new colors for every season and they last forever. I still have some of my first bottles of OPI and they still work just great. This is the best polish for a french manicure!

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  • kuananysha By  kuananysha    

    opi is very good nail polish

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