Lifetime The Golden Girls

Lifetime The Golden Girls

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This is great entertainment. These ladies provide endless comedy.

I absolutely love the Golden Girls! I watch it on channel 55 on Time Warner 6 days a week. I don't have a favorite Golden Girl because they are all my favorite. I have my friends watching and laughing with me.

There will never be a show about 4 women friends that will ever come close to The Golden Girls. I watched this show as a teenager and loved it. I watch it as an adult an love it. "Thank you for being a friend!"

One of my all time guilty pleasures. Who doesn't love watching old ladies in bathrobes and their misadventures. One of the last sitcoms I could actually enjoy watching!

I absolutely love them!! I would stay up late at night just to watch old reruns of this show and anytime I see it is on tv, I have to stop and watch at least 10 minutes of it which usually turns into me watching a marathon of it. A great show with 4 absolutely incredible women.

Such a classic show! So hilarious and light hearted! If you haven't seen this show, you are missing out!

Great show. I watch it over and over almost every day. Classic.

This was and still is one of the best shows ever! It still in all the reuns can make me laugh out loud all by myself!

A great show for young or older people. It's a show that never gets old!

A classic. A much watch and much watch for any age. These ladies will bring a smile to your face.

This one of my go-to shows when I have to do things such as laundry. Its also great because I can watch reruns over and over again and they still make me laugh.

Ahhhhhh! Who doesn't remember the Golden Girls!? I remember watching reruns after school in the afternoons! This is comedy, sarcasm, love, friendship, and family at it's best. I have always tried to figure out who my favorite was...Blanch and her wild ways? Rose and her naivete?

I always have enjoyed watching this show. I have not watched it in a while, but will have to see if it is on netflix or hulu.

Watch every night,seen same shows over and over but still watch,that Betty white is a amazing women!

This was and still is an awesome show. I love Rose the best, but all were great. This is just a fun show to watch.