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I love my CVS. The staff is pretty fantastic, especially when I come with a fistfull of coupons. I love the extra care bucks reward system, and the deals can be pretty fantastic.

Fantastic deals

i love cvs. its the best place to coupon the staff is always helpful and nice. great place to shop. my favorite drug store.

I love shopping at CVS! I like to check the coupon match-ups and count my register rewards up and go shopping for a great deal! They help me stay within my budget while still have all the stuff that I love!

CVS is my go to shopping place. I check out the deals and combine them with coupons for extra special prices. They are very coupon friendly and I enjoy checking out the savings. Sometimes I do 2 deals at a time and they are always willing to help me. I like the way they put some items on sale in the front of the store so they are found easily

CVS is a great place to shop. They are very coupon friendly and don't come across as studying coupons to try to find something wrong with them as many other drugstores do to me. They have great sales, great in-store coupons and great rewards. My favorite drugstore to shop at.

You can always find a great deal, from Extra Care bucks to their awesome seasonal clearance merchandise.

I love our local CVS. I have found that I can find great deals on everything from diapers to medicine to chips and soda at CVS. When you combine coupons and CVS's Extra Care Bucks program, your savings really add up!

I like my CVS. With the extrabucks offers and a few coupons here and there, I can get free toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, dishsoap, etc. I don't go every week like some people do for the deals. I usually get what we need and only go if I need to for the next couple of months. The employees are friendly and helpful.

I only go here to pick up prescriptions. It is rare to find a nice pharmacist. They're usually grumpy and really slow. Too bad I have Caremark and CVS is the only place to go around here. Oh well.

Where I live the employees are very uninspiring. It really feels like I am bothering them when I go into the store. The store itself is a bit of a mess. I understand that they want to be able to provide a choice, so they need alot of space. But, the shelves are scrunches, the ailes are very narrow and every square inch of the store is filled with stuff. It feels more like a flea market than a store. I try not to shop here.

Love the deals, love the employees.

Love to shop and coupon at CVS I always get great deals there!

CVS rocks for couponing! I can get household items and snacks for little to nothing by using my Extra Care card, coupons, and Extra Bucks I earn on purchases. They even will honor expired CVS coupons. So much better than Walgreens!

Too expensive! Turns out some medication I got there for $100 was $25 cheaper across the street at walgreens!! Plus I hate playing games with those stupid customer cards.