Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment

Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment

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Great for many things. Including fresh tattoos! This ointment is good for a lot of things and I would definitely recommend it for babies, children, and adults. It is also great and soothing after getting a tattoo.

Go to product for cracked heals I love this ointment. I use it on my heals at night. It has done wonders for my cracked heals that I got while wearing flip flops this summer. It is my go to product.

This is my favorite products to use on chapped lips, broken skin, panty rashes, my tattoos for healing and dry hands. I prefer this over regular petroleum jelly because it has a more pleasant smell. It is also a bit lighter on the skin and doesn't leave the skin too oily

BEST DIAPER CREAM OUT THERE! Seriously this works on everything. Scratch from a sharp finger nail? Aquaphor. Acidic blow out? Aquaphor. Chaffed nose from snotty cold? Aquaphor. We keep this on hand at home, in the diaper bag and in the car.

Helps with any discomfort to dermis. I also use it for my dry elbows, and cracked hands.

A Must Have! So great for the littles with eczema and just Texas dry skin!

Must have product. If anyone has a baby shower this is one of the items I?m buying for them. My daughter had horrible eczema and nothing but this helped! It was also great for putting on my tattoo during the healing process. Also works great for chapped lips.

Silky Smooth Was so helpful during my tattoo recovery, and it's just helpful in general! Such a great skin lotion.

Works great. Pediatrician recommend this product for my babys sensitive skin & after sticking to using it regularly it honestly helped tremendously. Would highly recommend because of how well it worked for my baby but every child is different.

Fast relief for sensitive skin As a mom of 5, I really love Aquaphor for sensitive skin. My kids have psoriasis and it really helps the troubled spots. I also use for my cracked dry hands. Quick relief and easy to apply. I carry it in my bag!

Works for anything From diaper rash to tattoos this stuff works great to heal it!

Best Diaper Rash This is great healing ointment. It helped my son heal fast from his diaper rash. We tried everything and only this worked for us. I would recommend using this ointment for your new baby and toddler.

Great healing and best ointment. Really heals the blister and makes it smooth

Great healing and best ointment. Really heals the blister and makes it smooth

Really Helps Dry Skin This or product is amazing. It really works great by helping dry skin. I currently have been using it by putting a thin layer of lotion and then this product over it and it really helps the dry skin greatly.