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  • jewls1971 By  jewls1971    

    My grandaughter would love this.

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  • jennifervang80 By  jennifervang80    

    Ivy two year old loves this! It makes her feel like she's at school with her older sister. So cute. Love it.

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  • testrite By  testrite    

    This dora chair is so cute. Great chair. I love pink

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  • lovestotestmakeup By  lovestotestmakeup    

    this is a great thing to have when your a mommy or babysitting

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  • Liliana6 By  Liliana6    

    My niece loves Dora so I gave it to her for her birthday and she absolutely loved it. Its at a good price and it is very pretty. She eats on it colors on it she wants to do everything on it.

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  • Destinystyle2317 By  Destinystyle2317    

    super cute super getting this for my baby girl she love dora

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  • gianni8 By  gianni8    

    this the awesome way to keep your child busy with independance....they can explore alot of things to do sitting in this chair.

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  • april2boys By  april2boys    

    never seen this until this site! Mama is going to order on now Thanks SheSpeaks!

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  • Dishuster By  Dishuster    

    My daughter loves this chair. Uses it all the time.

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  • bluesky122 By  bluesky122    

    I was given this chair as a gift to my daughter and she loves it

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  • onlyme212529 By  onlyme212529    

    My daughters LOVE these chairs. Sometimes they like to eat in them but mainly they are used for art tables/desks. They HAVE to have their crayons/markers cup in the cup holder and their papers and small coloring books under the seat.Sometimes I end up finding a stash of candy they are hiding from eachother lol. Great chairs and very sturdy as they have withstood several hurdle attempts,and climbing to get to stuff they couldn't reach =). Great chairs!

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  • violetlove18 By  violetlove18    

    i have a 2 toddlers and they love dora and drawing they have there own dora table that they eat dinner at!!!! :P

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  • ARLS01 By  ARLS01    

    I bought this exact same chair, only it is disney princess instead of dora, for my daughter about a year ago from Ross. It was very inexpensive and easy to assemble. (I put it together my self and didn't have any left over parts.) She still uses it daily for just about everything. It is very durable and multi-functional. I love the drink holder and the storage box underneath.

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  • ohhhAkitty By  ohhhAkitty    

    I love this. Its so cute and looks very strudy. I love that it has a cup holder that could be just for a drink or a cup of crayons,markers or water for water paints. I also love that there is a little "drawer" for her books,art supplies or whatever else she wants to put in there. Shed love it because its pink (her favorite color) and it has one of her favorite characters.

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  • rivasmom By  rivasmom    

    my daughter has this and loves the chair...

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