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  • Kathleens47 Kathleens47

    Happy baby! Happy mommmy!

    My favorite diapers! They fit well, are super absorbent and always can get a coupon for them! Plus Pampers has a loyalty program where you can get items just for buying the diapers! I tried afew other brands of diapers but none compare to Pampers diapers on quality!
  • GirlyGirl1979 GirlyGirl1979

    I tried these diapers with my son and had to end up calling the company, to request a refund because I was not happy with the absorbency.

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  • azalee22703 By  azalee22703    

    I have 4 children and absolutely love Pampers. They never leak. I've had problems with another brand where they would constantly leak the gel, I've never had this happen with Pampers. My children have sensitive skin and they haven't had a reaction once. They are a bit pricier then some other brands but they are worth it. You can almost always find a coupon to use.


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