CBS Big Bang Theory

CBS Big Bang Theory

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Hilarious. Shows the clash between geeky nerds and a popular blonde. Fun show where you can maybe learn a thing or two

Big Bang Theory is one of the best comedies out there. Doesn't matter how bad of a day I'm having this show always makes me laugh.

Big bang Theory is the most sensible show I've ever seen. It talks a lot about the wonders of science to feed our Brain cells, a lot of Humor to stimulate our lovely endorphins without being harsh to the eyes of the little ones. People of all Ages can watch this show and just relax on every detail of the scenes. It is also an advocate for Anti- Bullying in which the show manifest the supreme intelligence of the geeks/ nerds and they are not worthy of the abuse from other people. This is a perfect show to watch after a stressful day at work or school.

i saw one episode and felt in love with it is pretty hilarious. i think that sheldon is the funnies. i love the way that penny always pursues her dream of becoming an actor.

My favorite show. Sometimes you really want to smack the heck out of Sheldon but you just can't help but love him!

I love this show. I have all the seasons and rewatch them all the time. Its just awesome

i love this show it's so funny i am so exited for the new season to start this is the one show me and my man watch together

Hilarious! I don't watch a lot of tv but I really enjoy this show. Sheldon is too funny!

I just started to watch this show and I have caught up on reruns. The show is hilarious and it is refreshing to have different story lines. Sheldon is my favorite!

Love, Love this show. Very witty but something you can still relax to at the end of the day.

I recently got hooked on the Big Bang theory from my in-laws I do not miss a single episode I can't laugh and laugh all day long watching the show reminds me of my old favorite show friends

This show is great for something light hearted and funny. A welcome change to all the reality shows on TV these days.

This show is well written and the characters are funny and talented. Always good for a laugh. One of my all time favorite shows!

I watch this show everyday on DVD. I just love this show. The characters are funny and intelligent. The comedy that they do is entertaining. They always have a good storyline.

I fun show that is sure to make you laugh! Love the geeks and Sheldon is so funny! My husband also enjoys watching.