Dove Go Fresh Beauty Bars

Dove Go Fresh Beauty Bars

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Doves bath bars are the best for a clean feeling with no residue!

Dove soap is the only one I will use on my dry skin especially during the winter season. This smells amazing!

A light bath experience Refreshing light and Spring like. This Dove Body bar is the closest thing to feeling like you washed with air as one can get. It leaves your skins so crisp you can feel the slightest wind. It's leaves no heavy residue and you feel like a breeze.

Dove love ufff, so richness and moisturize your skin like butter, I love all the soap bars from Dove and this one is not left behind. :)

yes! This soap is so soft and moisturizing. It does not leave my skin dry or uncomfortably "tight".

I love Dove bar soap. The unscented is the only soap that doesn't irritate my 8 year old's sensitive skin. I like that it's gentle on your skin AND gets you clean.

Smells great! Great soap! Love Dove...but I really miss the white ginger and nectarine they used to make!

amazing product for redness! This is a sin game-changer! Using the cool moisture beauty bar for a while, and it has gotten rid of any redness, and pimples that have came up! Leaves my skin smooth and soft! Not too expensive either! Wish I had found this sooner, and works very well for my sister's redness as well.

Great Moisturizer!! I have very dry skin and usually in the winter i get the dreaded excema! This is a great soap with great moisturizing results!!

I recently bought this product and I really liked its smell and how it worked with my skin texture

I use this item daily for my two year old so. His skin is so sensitive. But not with dove.

The Best Bar Ever! This is the BEST soap I have ever used seriously. It leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth and what I love as well is that the fragrance is mild. My kids enjoy using it as well they said they dont need to cream their skin after lol.

dove soap I love this product so much this is the only soap i can put on my face without getting bumps. It has a nice smell that isn't to strong and it makes me feel amazing. I recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin like mine.

Felt so fresh and clean after showering with Dove cucumber beauty bar. Wonderful fragrance!

Great product!! I'm a big fan of Dove products and I can safely say that cucumber-aloe fragrance is my favorite! I love this soap, leaves my skin feeling soft and it smells AMAZING! Honest! If you haven't tried it, do so! I guarantee you'll love it