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Huggies Diapers

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I love huggies. I always get the little snugglers. My son has always slept through the night since he was a newborn. I put him to bed at 7:30 and I wake him up at 4:30-5 in the morning to change and feed him. He has not once soaked through these. They are also soft and don't have a scent. He has eczema and he breaks out if a diaper has a scent and these are ones he has never broke out from.

Love this diapers!I use the slip on ones and overnites.

Not a big fan of these diapers. They are OK in a pinch but I found that I was changing diaper more frequently to avoid leaking and they were no good overnight. They leaked every time

The best for your growing baby, in my opinion. I have been using Huggies since my son stopped using NB size (we were given several packs of Pampers NB packs at our baby shower). My son is now on size 6, slowly getting close to switching over to Pull-Ups. I cannot wait to continue my journey with Huggies!

Not a huge fan of these. More leaks, not the best fit on my son. They also have a bad smell to them when the child's diaper is wet.

huggies products have always irritated my daughter's sweet cheeks. When discussing it at Dr, he said this is common :( We had no issues with the other well known brand.

Huggies overnights is the only brand my son doesn't leak through in the middle of the night. We tried Pampers overnights to compare, and we woke up to moisture beads all over his room! He even got one in his eye and had a little red mark for over a week. Going back to buy more huggies, I was a fool to try anything else!

We are huge Huggies fans! My 3rd and 4th child (both girls) wore Huggies. They just seemed to fit them better. What I loved most is I never experienced a diaper explosion with my 4th. She's 2 years old right now.

I have used these and I tried I really did but they were way to pricey and my son always peed out of them when he was little. Not to mention they really are just out of price range

Huggies were the best brand that worked for my daughter. They rarely leaked, and she rarely had diaper rash with them. All other brands I tried with her either irritated her skin, or leaked like crazy. I do prefer cloth diapers, though, and I would have used them with her if I had a washing machine when she was in diapers.

Cute designs and they hold up well but they are not worth their price

Love these! Keeps baby dry!

Huggies are good but seem to run small! We are still using diapers from shower gifts and it seems that Huggies are tighter on him then Pampers or Luvs!

I'm a big fan pf Huggies. I have never had any problems with leaking or anything really. Favorite brand.

I like huggies they worked well for my son